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  1. rustyfingers

    Advice on late Father in-laws kit

    That's a really nice set. You should learn how to play...
  2. rustyfingers

    Mikes Lessons - GrooveScribe

    Fool in the rain beginning verse. I'm gonna' learn this before I die... LOL. Ride Bell part (not sure if this is correct or not)
  3. rustyfingers

    Seeking drum sheet music for The Black Crowes song "Remedy"

    It's right there in the songster link you posted.
  4. rustyfingers

    Why do you drum?

    gives me temporary relief from my parkinson's.
  5. rustyfingers

    easiest software to write drum tabs in?

    Musescore is good and is free. You can add cloud features by paying a yearly fee but it works fine without those.
  6. rustyfingers

    easiest software to write drum tabs in?|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|&S=|----O-------O---|&K=|o-------o-------| Also Free - Groove Scribe
  7. rustyfingers

    Diagnosed with Essential Tremors, my playing may be over

    Yea, that's the one time where I have to totally stop and 'drain my body'. I find a point on the wall and just fixate until it passes. Sometimes it doesn't pass and you just have to ride it out, nothing else you can do. A deep hard hug helps more than anything but there's rarely anyone around...
  8. rustyfingers

    Diagnosed with Essential Tremors, my playing may be over

    I have Parkinson's and yes, it sucks but I still work 9+ hours a day and just picked up a new heart valve for Christmas. I take my meds and exercise almost constantly. Deep breathing exercises help me along with walking, meditation and general movement. I still have a few more weeks before...
  9. rustyfingers

    Complete Sonor AQX kits for 450 at American Musical

    Saw this today. Good deal for what you are getting.
  10. rustyfingers

    Bernhard Castiglioni: The weakest Drummer on DRUMMERWORLD - but the Founder....

    I had to take a break just watching you... Good Stuff!! Dennis
  11. rustyfingers

    Cymbals : Worth $250? (Pic Attached)

    Thanks everyone. Dennis
  12. rustyfingers

    Cymbals : Worth $250? (Pic Attached)

    Local FB guy asking 250 for all three. TIA Dennis
  13. rustyfingers

    My new book - Note Groupings and Combinations for Drumset

    Ordered me a copy along with Gaddiments. I'm thinking of starting a youtube channel focusing on using drumming to treat Parkinson's. I was diagnosed last year after having symptoms for about two years. I've been trying several different methods to rebuild strength and improve my timing and I...
  14. rustyfingers

    Does The Hardware Ruin This Kit?

    Suspension Tom & Accessory Brackets — Independent Drum Lab ( Curious of these would work. Ludiwg used to make something similar as well.
  15. rustyfingers

    What is your 'go to' drum kit to record with?

    I wonder how many of the big studios just replace the drums in the mix. I don't listen to the radio much anymore but when I do it seems like everything sounds the same... maybe I'm just getting old.
  16. rustyfingers

    Jazz Drumming Rudiments Where to Start

    Jazz Drumming | Drum Lessons (