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  1. TK-421

    What do you think of Yamaha stage custom for recording drum sessions?

    Very nice! That was a great cover, and the drums sounded great too, especially the snare. My only complaint is that it felt too short!
  2. TK-421

    Come on, Guitar Center...

    Unlike some of the others I’ve seen, at least part of that ad is presumably correct. It looks like a 14x5, it’s probably from the ‘70s and it’s definitely a snare. But apparently whoever wrote that ad has absolutely no idea what a Vistalite is.
  3. TK-421

    Sam Ash is closing 18 stores

    I just left the Sam Ash Hollywood Drum Shop, and here’s how it looks as of today, March 9. There may be slightly fewer kits than in months past, but it’s hardly a ghost town, especially when it comes to cymbals. And it’s mostly high end stuff, which is why I found it incredibly hard to believe...
  4. TK-421

    Sam Ash is closing 18 stores

    I live in LA and Sam Ash Hollywood is my primary drum store, so I find this statement incredibly hard to believe. I go in there regularly, and they're jam packed with gear, especially cymbals. And mostly high-end cymbals, like Ks, Constantinoples, Meinl Byzance, etc. I was just there 2 weeks...
  5. TK-421

    Tom angles!!!!

    Staring in horror at its sideways Tama logo, this kit is both shocked and saddened that it wound up in the Tom angles thread!
  6. TK-421

    Do you know any famous song that is 4/4 but in choruses its 3/4?

    Mother is a bit more complicated than that. In the verses, it seamlessly transitions between 4/4 and 5/8 (most of the lines that begin with "Mother..." are one bar of 5/8), then throws in a measure of 6/8 at the end of each verse. It does go to a "3" feel in the choruses, but to me it feels more...
  7. TK-421

    Norwegians and Finns Eat Dinner Earlier Than Other Countries in Europe

    Why on earth is this in a drumming forum? What does this have to do with drumming or music or anything else for that matter? If the mods feel justified in deleting my thread about what drummers say vs. what non-drummers hear, then this should absolutely be deleted as well.
  8. TK-421

    I never knew stick length would make such a difference

    5A Extreme (in fact, all of VF's Extreme models, I believe) are 16.5". So that's 1/2" longer than their standard 5A. Regardless, as you now know, any dimensional change can make a drastic difference in how a stick feels. For many years, I was playing a Vater signature stick that measured...
  9. TK-421

    Difference in Remo pinstripe, PS4, & P77

    Years ago at NAMM, I asked a Remo representative about why Pinstripes sounded more open than I remembered them sounding when I started playing in the 80s. He said they actually changed the formula for how they’re made, so they’re now more open sounding than they used to be. I’m not sure what...
  10. TK-421

    am i being daft or is this worse??

    That "remix" has to be one of the worst-sounding mixes I've ever heard. It sounds like someone who has no idea what they're doing compressed the hell out of everything (especially the drums) and pretty much ruined it. It's almost unlistenable, it's so bad. The song itself is kinda catchy and...
  11. TK-421

    Please help me identify/date my Tama kit

    I think in general, mass-produced kits don't get serial numbers. That's usually only for high-end kits. Neither my Gretsch Renown nor my Yamaha Stage Custom Birch kits have serial numbers, yet both of my Brooklyn snares and my USA Custom snare all have serials. In either case, TAMA wouldn't...
  12. TK-421


    It isn't an oxymoron, it's a redundancy. But those don't have F holes. They couldn't POSSIBLY work. It's the F holes I tell ya, the F holes! :)
  13. TK-421

    Shell size - newb question

    I'm with Bongoman on this one. Deeper bass drums sustain way more than shallow bass drums. Deeper = boomier Shallower = punchier
  14. TK-421


    This has got to be one of the stupidest drum gimmicks I’ve ever heard of. So much so, I bet even John Good is like WTF?? Now think of all the great classic recordings where the drums sound absolutely amazing. Exactly ZERO of those have anything to do with Tonewings. Enough said.
  15. TK-421

    Washers on tension rods- do I need plastic/ nylon?

    I just bought a used Gretsch USA Custom bronze snare, and the tension rods felt a bit stiff when tuning. I wanted to take it apart to clean it anyway, so during that process I lubed each lug and added nylon washers to the rods. Now tuning it feels as smooth as silk.
  16. TK-421

    Shell Interiors

    You could try a light sanding to remove any residues and open up the wood pores. Then apply tung oil to seal it. The tung oil will add a bit of a honey-colored sheen to the shell interior.
  17. TK-421

    question about recutting drum edges

    Talk to Jeff Ryder at Jeff Ryder's Drum Shop on Perrin-Beitel. I'd be willing to bet he can point you in the right direction.
  18. TK-421

    Gretsch Brooklyn VS. Ludwig Classic Maple

    Another vote for the Brooklyns. Nothing against the CMs, but Brooklyns just have a richness to their tone and attack that puts them in another league. They just look, feel and play at a higher level than the Ludwigs.
  19. TK-421

    Heads for the big kick

    ^^^^ This, if you're going unported. Whenever I play an unported kick, I have to play heel down in order to bounce the beater off the head. But normally I play heel up (and with a ported kick).
  20. TK-421

    Heads for the big kick

    Batter: coated Ambassador with felt strip OR coated Emperor without a strip. Reso: Fiberskyn Ambassador, with a felt strip only if needed (preferably without) Inside: a KickPro weighted kick drum pillow (not touching either head) to soak up any errant frequencies bouncing around in there.