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  1. drumr386

    Hmmm, Which Finish?

    Ebony with mahogany hoops on the bass.
  2. drumr386

    Possibly My Next DW Set

    I looked at that finish a couple years ago and that sparkle is not the sparkle I was expecting, it was…different. Seeing it up close changed my mind. Great drums though, you cannot go wrong with the Performance line.
  3. drumr386

    I don’t understand you bag people.

    I’ve been using bags for years. With RIMS suspension I always bought 1 size up, especially for the bass. Never been that big of a deal. With Ahead bags that is not the case, they are great, size specific.
  4. drumr386

    Who else prefers silence to background music?

    At this point in life my ears are ringing constantly. Probably started with being a drummer, then a grunt in the Marine Corps and at this point 37 years as a truck driver. Silence is golden. Discipline with hearing protection would have prevented most of what I live with now.
  5. drumr386

    Transporting the drum throne (throne bag? something better?)

    I use a Roc-n-Soc round with a seat back. Typically I take the seat and folded base as 2 pieces, seems easy enough.
  6. drumr386

    Show off your Ludwigs? : )

    New this past Christmas, Ludwig is the American classic. I have a matching 7x10 concert tom on order, late August eta.
  7. drumr386

    13" Toms

    I seem to remember the FAST sized kits (DW) were all even sized, with the larger toms having odd size depths. That said, 10,13,16 toms as a kit work for me.
  8. drumr386

    Ludwig floor tom legs

    Lawton Drum has the 17”, just like the originals. Great guy to deal with and excellent quality.
  9. drumr386

    Are you at that point ….

    I’ve noticed in the past couple years used pieces are not moving. Ended up trading recently and you always take a bath on that. I did just order a component LCM tom in Golden Slumbers and the price is ridiculous. I went ahead with it but, when I think about it, it makes me crazy. Pretty sure I’m...
  10. drumr386

    Cymbal series less likely to crack.

    Overhead mics to bring up the cymbals of your choice. I’m not sure there is a way to keep up with a Marshall stack with no mics.
  11. drumr386

    Favorite DRUMMERWORLD threads.

    Pretty much all. While I’m here 2-3 times a week, I read through 75% of the forum. I don’t post often, but I do read a lot. Usually prompted by the side bar, I find I can get reading through a thread with some really good insight from contributors only to find out the thread is 15 years old. Old...
  12. drumr386

    20" kick riser

    I used one on both a set of PDP Platinum and Premier Genista with excellent results. If I owned a 20” bass today, it would have a lifter.
  13. drumr386

    Your favorite drum sizes?

    After getting lazy years ago and going with a 4 pc I realized I kind of needed a 5 pc configuration for a lot of what I was playing. I ended up using a 10, 13, 16, 22 in traditional sizes and have been there for a while now. These INDe’s, btw, are really the sleeper in the industry. Excellent...
  14. drumr386

    Recovering from a long time without drums, wondering what to do. Do you have song recommendations?

    Because of my job, truck driver, long hours, and uncertain band situation, when I’m trying to get back to speed I always resort to 60’s and 70’s. It just seems to work for me, pretty basic stuff but you have to pay attention to get it right. Older country music works for me too. Play that stuff...
  15. drumr386

    Have you owned/gigged an aluminum INDē WaFarer kit?

    When I ordered my INDe set I emailed Josh about using DW spurs on the bass drum. He had no problem with that as long as I supplied them, which I did. Tom brackets, both mounted and floor, have been set it and forget it. No issues, all those key head bolts seem to have a Loctite type material in...
  16. drumr386

    Gene Krupa influenced drum dimensions that are still in effect today???

    I think drum companies react to what the customers are looking for. DW seemed to be at the forefront of 22 x 18 bass drums and FAST sized toms. As far as preconfigured sets it comes down to economics for the companies, produce what sells. Now, we’ve all become “experts” on drum sizing and...
  17. drumr386

    Mapex Falcon Pedal Mods

    Excellent mods, I’ll be interested in how things work out long term.
  18. drumr386

    Calling Pearl Masters owners past and present

    I had a set of the Studio, really nice build and quality. But, like others here, the thick shells didn’t work for me. As far as this set in question, that finish does not look original.
  19. drumr386

    Drum Center Portsmouth - black friday

    Those Brooklyn’s are calling me.
  20. drumr386

    Drum gear you don't like the looks of but you like the sound of it

    Suddenly the exposed hoop doesn’t bother me. 😂