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  1. RVN

    20" vs 22" bass drum - Which is more versatile?

    Either of three that you make versatile for you.
  2. RVN

    Hey how’s it going? I’m new here and hoping to get an answer, I drop sticks all the time. Granted I do hold them very lightly. Am I supposed to be?

    Maybe try some gloves... worked for Kenny Aronoff and many others. Also in Marching bands.
  3. RVN

    What are these drums? Pearl Maple Stainless Steel

    I've got a 70's Ludwig 16x16 two headed floor tom with an opaque Vistalite white plastic shell I believe it is a polished stainless wrap with chrome finish. Never bubbled, scratched, dented, turned color or rusted. Thunderously loud, never have to hit it hard. I really like your hard work and...
  4. RVN

    The 10 Best Singing Drummers In Rock History (Article)

    One of the Carpenters... don't remember which one but she was was probably the best in the whole wide world! They couldn't switch her out with Bobby or Hal!
  5. RVN

    My New Old Double Bass Pedal

    I grew up in Rio in the 60s and 70s, that's where I started drumming. Went back in 1990. We lived high on a hill on Rua Marechal Mascarenhas de Morais in a twelve floor apartment overlooking Copacabana and the Atlantic. We heard the various Samba schools practicing for Carnaval out the front...
  6. RVN

    Hi-hat technique questions

    As a kid playing rock, pre-MIC'd days, I used 2B's on 15" Paiste Heavy "ROCK" high hats and couldn't understand why I couldn't play faster jazz patterns. Moving to 5A's and 7A's and lighter hats changed things a bunch for me. After an extended break from drums now I'm breaking 5A's and 7A's left...
  7. RVN

    Stix clicks

    Intro to ELP's The Sheriff... Carl yells the Sh*t word The Who's Won't Get Fooled Again... Keith Moon's overhead MIC strike
  8. RVN

    Stix clicks

    Sounds like a Mic pop
  9. RVN

    Deciding on the opening song?

    Depends on your style. Some audio track like the audience in Sgt. Pepper, that springs into your own composition, Yes's classic concert opener's Stravinsky's The Firebird intro into your own composition, Thus Spake Zarathustra segues into one of your own compositions. And those own compositions...
  10. RVN

    Drum size you DONT like.

    The 40" High School Concert bass still haunts me. Timekeeper, isolated downbeats, getting the muffling down just right (with the knee), acne, teenage love affairs, having to wrestle in and out, the "reach around" until the suspended tilting stand, condescending band directors etc... Wait a...
  11. RVN

    Old Ludwig Kit

    Gorgeous looking drums! They look very well cared for. How about a full on photo of the kit? The pointy badges change was in the latter seventies. Any date stamps or tags on the inner shells? Reinforcement rings? Tom mounts look immaculate and lead me to believe the early eighties. Also, is it...
  12. RVN

    Pimping a cheap acrylic snare: suggestions?

    She's gorgeous, what's her name? I'm of Dutch heritage, your English is good!
  13. RVN

    Square Tom

    I like round toms because of the Beatles and the World... It Turns Me On
  14. RVN

    Pimping a cheap acrylic snare: suggestions?

    He's the spitting image of my RIP "Pete", he was a white lab, short hair, powder, soft and cool to the touch. He got a cancer tumour on his spleen and we spent $6,60.00 to remove it. They gave him little chance of living another 6 months... we got 6 years out of him! He lived to be fifteen and...
  15. RVN

    Yet Another Newbie!

    Money has gone out of style, spend it accordingly JK! Go used intermediate, at your age, requirements and credentials you are not likely doing this on a whim. Otherwise, you'll have the stigma of cheaping out. You'll have higher self-esteem, feel more inspired to aspire. Later, you can always...
  16. RVN


    Exceedingly WAY above my expectations Cymbals: Paiste RUDE 19" Thin Crash! Paiste RUDE 20" Thin Crash! Paiste 2002 15" "ROCK" Heavy Hi-Hats Paiste 2002 18" Crash Drums: Yamaha Recording Customs Ludwig 1972 Pro-Beat 3-ply/rings LM402, 9x13, 10x14, 16x16, 18x16 and 14x24, my first kit Hardware...
  17. RVN

    Yamaha year made?

  18. RVN

    Have the Yamaha Stage Custom drums changed over the years?

    Thanks, nothing specific. I have lots of RC docs just looking for more.
  19. RVN

    Have the Yamaha Stage Custom drums changed over the years?

    @harryconway Do you have a link to where the history is on Yamaha's line of drums. I'm specifically interested in Recording Customs? I've looked and couldn't find one with that great of detail. Very informative, thanks!