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  1. Dibalo Jonze

    What's your favorite thing about being a drummer?

    The sensation of hitting and hearing the drums and being in the moment while improvising.
  2. Dibalo Jonze

    We are all officially obsolete

    That drummer really drives the band
  3. Dibalo Jonze

    The thing that benefited your playing the most

    A thirst to learn as many styles and concepts as I can get my hands on.
  4. Dibalo Jonze

    Music related names

    John Bonham. Crazy how similar his last name was to the musical term ‘Bonham triplets’
  5. Dibalo Jonze

    Independence and Interdependence in a musical context?

    @toddbishop also has great books in addition to the systems in his blogs. One thing I really like about his main book of the blog series is that each book seems to contain sections/systems/grooves touching on jazz, Afro-Caribbean, South-American, funk, advanced time concepts, rock perhaps. I...
  6. Dibalo Jonze

    Independence and Interdependence in a musical context?

    Sounds good. I'm not sure what there is I could have taken personally, other than you not wanting to share interesting intellectual property for free on the internet, which I fully respect. Just always interesting to hear the different ways people categorize the large swath of information...
  7. Dibalo Jonze

    Thoughts on playing with a light touch

    There are tons of advantages of practicing and playing quietly that can benefit your music, body, wallet.... -Basically, dynamics are crucial as others have said. You can't have sweet without sour. Loud and quiet are relative terms so if you're playing loud all the time then it's not as easy...
  8. Dibalo Jonze

    Independence and Interdependence in a musical context?

    Hey @Alex Sanguinetti , I'm really curious about the scope of the ~8 types of coordination you're thinking about. How are you generally categorizing these different types? I might come up with a list like below that highlights different paradigms covering different limb to limb coordination...
  9. Dibalo Jonze

    Breaking News: World's Most Famous Drummer Travis Barker Injures Finger Ahead of Mega-Tour

    Being involved with a Kardashian is so antithetical to the Punk ethos it’s comical. It’s like how unrelated the notion of “worlds best drummers” is with playing with next to zero dynamics and drums fills that excite middle schoolers.
  10. Dibalo Jonze

    Sound proofing

    My advice is to kill your neighbors. With kindness of course
  11. Dibalo Jonze

    Danny Seraphine

    When I was born I wasn’t yet a drummer. But that changes when I got to sit feet away from Danny’s kit while I was in first grade for a solo performance. Very fortunate to have been able to see great drumming up close so young
  12. Dibalo Jonze

    What's your "day" job?

    Maybe he was singing about fused cutouts that had dropped. Hopefully he went out looking only after outages were being reported. Otherwise that would be quite a time suck
  13. Dibalo Jonze

    Cats and acoustic drum kits?

    If they’re jazz cats then you should have nothing to worry about.
  14. Dibalo Jonze

    Whatcha Reading Right Now?

    The World in Six Songs Dan Levitin
  15. Dibalo Jonze

    Unresolved endings - live audience.

    Kick off the next song shortly after which helps release the tension of the unresolved progression
  16. Dibalo Jonze

    The influence of setup on your technique

    Set-up can influence technique but I agree with @planoranger that technique should ultimately inform your set-up when you have the choice. When playing on other sets it's great to be flexible and adapt to it, and if a kit is spatially arranged in ways different than what you are used to then it...
  17. Dibalo Jonze

    How to get unstuck?

    Yes, raise the beater up. That will let the beater rotate through a larger path allowing you to generate more force with your kick strokes and in turn receive more of a rebound. Raising the beater will also hit closer to the center of that large bass drum head than where it currently hits...
  18. Dibalo Jonze

    Click & Bell ?

    Yep, Between 1:30-2:00 on the snare its a rim click Right at about 2:00 I can get both at the same time From 2:01-2:30 it'll be a dampened cowbell with a little snare shell echo, or if I lift up the stick a bit then of course a normal bell tones are available
  19. Dibalo Jonze

    Leaning into/creating limitation as a practice + creative concept

    Nice post and topic flamateurhour. I approached drumming for quite a while without my dominant hand too. This was not by choice but I had the similar thought provoking experiences but on and off the kit, and therefore it is something I too would recommend people try. I've now been forced to...
  20. Dibalo Jonze

    Disabled trying to get into drumming

    Hi HighHike - welcome to Drummerworld! Glad you're looking into drumming, it's never too late to start. I have a very mildly deformed hand and for a couple of years (15 years ago) I could not hold on to a stick with a normal grip. I found these gloves online at the time called "Triplet Drum...