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    Trigger building

    I have the Roland td3 kit. I want to use some of the sounds of the module. Does anyone know how to make triggers that I can attach to my real kit, because it will be a mess to have to set up all the pads for gigs. I know I could just buy them, but that would be no fun, I want to make them with...
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    Jazz drumming in so boring

    Hi Drummerworld. I'm a drumkit player and a very serious student of west African percussion. I eat jazz for breakfast, I love it and am drawn to playing it whenever I sit behind the kit, but don't really know how. I've gone through books, played along with all the classic tunes etc. What I would...
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    Does a snare and cymbal combo bag exist

    Hi Drummers. I cycle to gigs and to my rehearsay room. I need a bag that can carry my cymbals and snare on my back. I've looked everywhere. Anyone seen such a bag? Thanks