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  1. GetAgrippa

    An honest take on Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears for Fears

    I was shedding on this couple of years ago and this take from an early effort trying to figure it out from just listening (so it's real messy) -I didn't have a transcription. At this point I had the impression of a quick double kick driving shuffle, but then later I'm thinking no that's all...
  2. GetAgrippa

    My favorite sticks

    I've been a fan of Vic Firth Steve Gadd and Buddy Rich sticks but now I'm sold on Bopworks sticks-Memphis R&B and Rhythm and Groove models are only ones I've tried so far and love them. I've bought some Ahead sticks but I just can't get on board. I've tried to like them but I can't stand them...
  3. GetAgrippa

    What's your favorite thing about being a drummer?

    I've got rhythm who could ask for anything more. Actually I didn't take up drums to be cool, win girls or anything like that (I was 8). I actually play drums because it beckoned me at an early age and was mentally soothing. It's therapy-so most of my life I've always played for an audience of...
  4. GetAgrippa

    An honest take on Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears for Fears

    I think the problem is there are different videos of the song with different drummers. Like I think one of the first videos is this one where you only see the drummer a bit and I wonder is he playing on video what he played on recording. I think this drummer was following what he could make...
  5. GetAgrippa


    Of all the old innovations of anything "I believe" the snake oil industry probably leads in advancing "the newest or latest" innovation in snake oils. Though the age old recipe still works there is just no end to the efforts to create a new or better snake oil. No end to buyers too.
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    You're right Jimmy every innovation would be novel=new, but not every new thing is an innovation. So really every innovation is an old innovation now (because now in use) unless it is the latest innovation which would be the newest newer-er new innovation that will soon meet the interface of...
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    It’s a tautology but you see people use it all the time -“ 10 new innovations no one will be able to live without”. New adj innovation noun so it’s legit if you’re describing the latest innovation in a series of them- I’d say latest though. No maybe both still tautology?
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    drumming in an apartment problems

    When I was going to University of Georgia back in 70s I lived in a couple of apartment complexes and we had similar sound problems. So myself and a few other friends rented an old farm house in rural Bogart nearby where we had no noise issues at all. Well except when we would throw a party-a...
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    What other forums do you enjoy, not music-related

    DW forum and with some trepidation Facebook-there are some great groups (like the DW FB group is mostly great) on there but in general it's a cesspool of misinformation/bullcrap. I've looked at other drum forums but for some reason I feel some loyalty to the DW forum-though I'm not naive it's...
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    Bad English/grammar is all Americans can speak or right but we call them innovations to the language Don't look at written words Misspelld words no punctashun no pararaphs then made up words and it's all basically gibberish See evolution can go either way to produce innovation or gibberish or...
  11. GetAgrippa

    drumming in an apartment problems

    You could buy those 10 inX1in foam rubber disc they sell at hobby shops and screw them into dowels you set up to positions like snare, toms, and cymbals. The kick is the main issue cause that thumping just transmits like crazy. Maybe like those inexpensive ekits that just have pedals- so no...
  12. GetAgrippa

    From the studio

    Rock solid-nicely played. You layed down a tasty solid foundation for the songs-I bet the studio guys love you in mixing it all for final form.
  13. GetAgrippa

    The Death Of The Drumstick?

    Well we've already buried the beater-I guess we should expect the stick would go next. Like Good fellas start falling like dominoes. Some irony the sticks are getting the stick.
  14. GetAgrippa

    The Death Of The Drumstick?

    Once you get your Neuralink you can bluetooth to your ekit and control it. Look Ma no hands. You won't really need a kit really-you just sit in the audience playing through the sound system with the band in front of you-just you'll be seeing their front for a change . Heck you can be whole band...
  15. GetAgrippa

    A Little Happier with my Left Hand

    Sounding great Stroman-despite the mesh heads. I've been doing similar trying to bring my left hand to life. It feels really good when it gains more dexterity and independence doesn't it-everything starts flowing. Since my left hand has gained it's own voice I've been experimenting with getting...
  16. GetAgrippa

    That Dunnett Clamp For Floor Tom Legs

    I'd like to try those Ludwig Atlas mounts to convert lug to leg holder before something attaching to rim.
  17. GetAgrippa


    "Toe-ring" is my newer, newer-er, newest innovation that consists of these tiny toe rings that fit on any toe/either foot and uses a rod/pulley/fulcrum system that attach to your hat pedal, slave pedal, clave pedal, whatever you drive with your foot use your toes. Drummers are toe tappers so it...
  18. GetAgrippa

    Dying spark from drumming for too long?

    No it may actually be impossible to play so long you lose your spark. Come on quit kidding around. Now your pilot light may go out but then you end up in an urn or a box. I suggest keep sparking bro keeps you out of an urn. There are ups and downs for sure but the downs help me go up. But I’m...
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    A snare is a different beast in relation of batter to reso heads ratios, but with toms how do you tune your toms in relation to batter to reso pitch (the same, reso higher, reso lower)? Do you tune differently for studio and live? I'd wager more tune the toms reso higher than batter but that's...
  20. GetAgrippa

    I messaged the bad boss from 14 years ago…

    I appreciate I don't need to know the detail PushPull. So did it turn out as you expected? I haven't had any bad bosses-I was a bad employee in my youth from 16-18. I had a quite a few professors who just couldn't stand me-several basically told me so. I only told one I couldn't stand him as...