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  1. mikyok

    Simple cymbal set-ups.

    My bog standard setup is hats, ride and two crashes. Small stage hats, crash and ride. Very small stage hats and ride. I really don't need any more than that for anything so I keep things as simple as possible.
  2. mikyok

    What is something you did on (or to) your drums that you cringe about now?

    Being 18 when Nu Metal was cool. Floor tom legs were for girls and you needed at least 2 splash cymbals and a choked snare drum. I went through a phase of using Z customs. Woeful cymbals. The ZBT of the B20 world
  3. mikyok

    Drum Factory Direct "home made" snare drum?

    Buy a world max. Same parts and they do the assembly but for you. Costs less too!
  4. mikyok

    A history lesson from Phil Collins

    Pretty simple pick a place you wanna go to and see what's around there that's worth seeing, hire a car and off you go. We did Austin, Houston, New Orleans, Galveston and San Antonio literally tonnes of stuff to do. My wife did the itinerary I was the driver lol. We're kinda the opposite of lie...
  5. mikyok

    Maple vs Birch

    Had some amazing Birch kits, none of which I still own and the toms have always really stood out. Especially when recorded. Good birch is pre-eq'd. Never liked birch snares. I've always found maple to be a good all-rounder wood for everything. Everyone should own a steambent maple snare. All...
  6. mikyok

    Heading to the STATES! Want to visit drum shops, etc.

    Cheers man! Vienna is on the to do list. You can get the train from Vienna to Slovakia which is goulash and beer just like the Czech Republic. European gigs are cool, saw Tool in Prague, McCartney in Paris and Porcupine Tree in Amsterdam. My next trip is either Belgium or France for a lot of...
  7. mikyok

    Heading to the STATES! Want to visit drum shops, etc.

    Got back from the states a week ago and I miss it like crazy. We did a bit of a tour of Texas and did New Orleans. 2500 miles driven in 2 weeks. Loved driving in the states. Enjoy the food, weather and a just a whole different vibe. Didn't do any drum shops, I'd have struggled to get things...
  8. mikyok

    Recording Studio: It was the first of times, it was the worst of times!

    I get it can be done and money is money but it's like here's some soulless drums. You don't even know the song or the feel someone wants. Like you said though, they're paying the money! Done recordings on my own before but there's always been a guide and I can do cheat sheet
  9. mikyok

    Recording Studio: It was the first of times, it was the worst of times!

    Who even does that? Talk about making life harder than it needs to be! That will sound dreadful. If the guitarist is out of time and there's no click how do you polish that turd?
  10. mikyok

    Recording Studio: It was the first of times, it was the worst of times!

    I don't get how you can't be organised when you're recording and it really doesn't take a lot. I'm not surprised at all with the engineer. I had a couple of friends who got stung doing a recording for a choir last year and the engineer insisted the whole band including the drums (yep he...
  11. mikyok

    Recording Studio: It was the first of times, it was the worst of times!

    Alarm bells were ringing when I heard no click track. Fighting a losing battle there! I've been recording today and it's been the total opposite. Our singer has a really nice home studio. I went down Saturday afternoon to setup and get drum sounds. Arrived today and we got bass and drum tracks...
  12. mikyok

    Would you hesitate gigging a vintage snare on the road?

    I take 40 plus year old Supras out all the time no bother but that's early 80s and I've swapped the strainers to take ribbon. Would I use something that's vintage collectors condition nope. Only snare I have like that is the acrolite prototype. I tend to find the strainers don't hold up to pop...
  13. mikyok

    If chops matter then, why are Ringo and Lars

    Lars is the main man behind Metallica. Ever wondered why Justice sounds so bad? There's your answer! Ringo was the perfect drummer for the Beatles
  14. mikyok

    A history lesson from Phil Collins

    Loving every second of it. Did the right thing. Hired a car and done lots of driving! Weather has been amazing. Driving is bliss compared to back home and I could get used to filling my car up for £30.
  15. mikyok

    A history lesson from Phil Collins

    First thing I did was get a Po Boy on Frenchman street and then find some jazz. Preferred the muffalettas which is the lesser known New Orleans sandwich. Trying to explain jazz to my wife was fun! The amount of live music is mind boggling. Haven't seen anything like it. Full bands on Street...
  16. mikyok

    A history lesson from Phil Collins

    So I'm currently stateside in San Antonio, just done New Orleans and Houston with lots of miles behind the wheel. If anyone has visited the Alamo there is a massive collection of artifacts donated courtesy of Phil Collins who it turns out is a wee bit of a history buff when not flying the flag...
  17. mikyok

    Are Young Drummers Sounding So Fast Because of Their Kick Foot?

    Triggers and post production is a wonderful thing. I don't get the whole thing with speed. Gets boring real fast
  18. mikyok

    Zildjain Chinas in the 90's were AMAZING!

    Oh yeah I'll second that. I play mine more like a swish for that very reason. Just a shame I don't use them anymore. Got a Paiste Rude 20" china which was a gem find in a pawn shop. Again sits in a bag nowadays
  19. mikyok

    Would you hire a player/sub based on their YT video?

    This. YouTube vids hide a lot. Drink/drug problems, lack of transport, punctuality problems, inability to play with a band and for a song.