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  1. NouveauCliche

    Collective Soul contacts you for an audition?

    Their debut album spent something like 76 weeks on the billboard charts - went triple platinum and was all over TV and movies including The Skulls, Twilight, Always be my Maybe, and Varsity Blues - something like 40 movies altogether. [insults deleted]
  2. NouveauCliche

    Collective Soul contacts you for an audition?

    I've met Johnny Rabb a couple of times - we're the same height - so based on that information alone, I'm sure I could get the gig. Unless they require one-handed rolls...which if memory serves me, there isn't much of in their music. The real problem I can see is the touring schedule...have been...
  3. NouveauCliche

    Gretsch VS. Ludwig Shootout!

    It is not actually! I just can't get it to stay in tune. I tried leather washers thanks to another member of this forum that actually lives in my town and gave me a bunch - but I'm going to try some kind of lug locking device next.
  4. NouveauCliche

    Gretsch VS. Ludwig Shootout!

    Just curious what your issue is - I have a consistent issue with mine too - wondering if it's the same one!
  5. NouveauCliche

    Horse walks in to a bar...

    I owned a six-piece in blue. I would love a yellow version.
  6. NouveauCliche

    Horse walks in to a bar...

    I really dig that green! We need more green drums and cars.
  7. NouveauCliche

    Ergonomics when you’re 5’ 1”

    Weird? no. I get Abe Laboriel Jr. vibes when he plays his HUGE kit. Unplayable for ME - yes. However, knowing that - I tend to avoid those styles of sizes.
  8. NouveauCliche

    Craviotto / Where they worth it?

    This is too many pages to sift through - but those were (and arguably are) some of the best drums ever made. At some point, I'd still love to get a bop-sized kit from the glory days of Crav - hopefully, paired with Spizz cymbals.
  9. NouveauCliche

    Season's... Beatings!

    All the best to You and Your loved ones this holiday Bermuda - thanks for another year of great chats!
  10. NouveauCliche

    Where do you play your kit?

    My band rents an awesome spot on our local main street where we have our gear. The back, back has a fridge and storage for tons of stuff, there's a mid point where we set up the recording/mixing gear / the main room is split into a studio that all of our gear set up and a great lounging area...
  11. NouveauCliche

    Praise for the vault-type cymbal case!

    I have two cases: 1. Heavy-duty padded bag with straps 2. The SKB rolling vault I use the padded bag primarily for gigs that I'm taking MY kit to - and the biggest reason is that it holds more cymbals and can carry things like my trash stack - where the SKB can't hold as many cymbals and is...
  12. NouveauCliche

    I bought a new drum kit and I’m scared

    That is a very unique set - super cool. Honestly I haven't had the best luck with a cranked wooden hoop - it feels like there's an upper limit or maybe something about the tone that prevents the crack that I like with a cranked snare - but I've also never played that exact snare you have. Just...
  13. NouveauCliche

    What piece of gear didn't live up to expectation.

    When I was younger I made the cardinal mistake of ordering a set of cymbals without trying them. Just based on reviews alone. They were all Sabian AA's. I don't remember the models specifically but 14" hats, 16" crash, 20" ride.....I hated every single cymbal in that lineup. I've never...
  14. NouveauCliche

    Tonight Show-Ed Shaughnessy’s Ludwig kit

    The first time I ever saw him was on the Burning for Buddy VHS tapes way back in the day - he was SO full of life and exuberant and fun to watch....his track and playing remain one of my favorites on that whole project. He's the coolest.
  15. NouveauCliche

    Kenny Aronoff 40th Anniversary Tama Snare

    I'd need some backstage passes thrown in for that price. It looks fine.
  16. NouveauCliche

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas all!
  17. NouveauCliche

    Pic of yourself

    For some reason, I pictured you with a beard! haha
  18. NouveauCliche

    Out with new, in with the old - Merry Christmas to me!

    That is an absolute classic kit - the epitome of class. Congratulations - I absolutely love that.
  19. NouveauCliche

    What's your latest purchase?

    I've been playing too much Call of Duty - I thought that mic thing was a silencer haha.