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    The Cigar Lounge!

    OK I'll refrain Thomas.
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    Ludwig announcement tomorrow 2/11/2024

    I'm buzzed up right now 🍺 🍺 🍺 but doesn't ludwig have a welded seam 13 beauty? and the supralite 6x13 chrome guy?. I TO would welcome a legit 13 beauty.
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    Ludwig announcement tomorrow 2/11/2024

    Great..Ludwig shipped the wrong second floor tom. Larry!..ya shipped the normal! floor tom instead of the 4x12. C'mon man!.
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    I am lazy

    Christina Aguilera is stopping by and wants to hear how the ps3 is sounding. Dude!. Go!.
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    Ludwig announcement tomorrow 2/11/2024

    A carbon fiber Speedking. OR...the introduction of Ludwig drumsticks.
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    Ludwig announcement tomorrow 2/11/2024

    I'd welcome that in a heartbeat. 🎶
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    Ludwig announcement tomorrow 2/11/2024

    Not after today 😃
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    My new favorite YouTuber

    He would nail we've only just begun.. Carpenters. The producer might bring him down a tad in the mix.
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    Metal Snares

    I'm waiting for the day I play a black beauty (in person) that sounds like all the recordings I like. I'm beginning to think that bright..ringy snaredrums just record well. 90% of my all time favorite snare sounds are black beauties then I put them on a stand in front of me and think what?..this...
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    Doesn't Brewer realize that without Farner you've got a Stones without Jagger?. Don...noone wants a Van Halen without Eddie. How many fans go to see Funk not even thinking about the lineup just wanting to hear shine on one more time. Jimmy Page is gone but who cares..hop in..Zeppelins down at...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    I was never a big Glen Campbell fan but decades later can I change my mind?. Getting older does something to you..and a good..something.
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    PAS Drumset Magazine

    I didn't want to ask but thanks!. If I'm not home put it in the mail box. But...gimme a chance to locate this issue. Maybe Memphis drumshop?..ill order some sticks..heads..and those clip on plastic drum mutes. If they don't carry it gas up and get here as fast as you can. 😃
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    PAS Drumset Magazine

    Damn it..ill get it SOMEHOW. 😟
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    Particular about claw placement?

    Me to Jimmy.
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    Paiste ride in Andy Ward´s setup for Camel live recordings

    How cool would that be to stroll into a club today and hear that rolling off the stage. Gets my blood pumping in a wonderful way. Love it. 🎶 ❤.
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    Without Ringo On Ed Sullivan 60 Years Ago Today, How Would Your Drumming Life Be Different?

    I'm well aware of the Ed Sullivan Ringo and was so excited to watch. For ME I was even MORE impressed with the Let it be roof top Ringo. As time went on he never ever stopped impressing me. Different than Bonham but equally as profound.
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    How important is note reading for beginning drummers?

    This thread alone is inspiring enough to get me away from my lethargic procrastinating self and start taking steps to read. Any book recomendations for the rank beginner?...RANK. I mean like boom chuck boom boom chuck.
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    An old school typewriter for a Metal kick drum sample?

    I don't need to purchase the Yamaha sub kick? 😃
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    How important is note reading for beginning drummers?

    Did I watch a YouTube Porcaro clip at a clinic saying he didn't read music?. Why am I thinking that. It would be astounding if he didn't.