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  1. sel498


    Well i bought a camcorder and software and now have footage of the band on and off the stage. enjoy and please comment on utube and here as well. this is the musicians video, kinda shows a but of everyone in the band..
  2. sel498

    Pics from saturday

    Hey all I tooka few pics saturday night at a show, sorry but they were with my phone, but you get the idea....Any comments, Q's,
  3. sel498

    DW 9702 Multi Cymbal stand

    2 words Get IT, I got 2 of them last night and these 2 have capapbility to replace 4 boom stands... Not to mention they are going for 199.0 US and at my GC in OKC i got em for 119.00 each.. HELL YEAH. it comes with tons of extra goodies , its pretty much a 9000 boom stand with a puppy bone and...
  4. sel498

    Dw 5000 & 9000 hardware Q's

    Hello I am in the market for some new stands, preferably 2 straight stands , 1 Boom, and 1 tom stand, My question is if I bought all of these in the DW 5000 models, can I buy 3 of the DWSMQTH quick turn handles and put them on the 5000 models like they are on the 9000 models......And if anyone...
  5. sel498

    Hello all I am New here

    Hello all i just joined this forum but am on two others, and I just thought I would go through all my gear etc.. and throw a few pics as well....... DW collectors Tangerine Sparkle w/ Satin Hardware shells W X D 12 X 7 rack tom 14 x 11 floor 16 x 14 floor 20 x 20 BD 14 x 5 1/2 Tama Artwood Sn...