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  1. Neal Pert

    Vinnie Paul + Vinnie Colaiuta =

    What about the jazz drummer Vinnie Sperazza? Vinnie Sperappaulaiutazza. Or something.
  2. Neal Pert

    How many Drums in your Favorite Kit? How many Cymbals with that Kit?

    Most commonly I play a standard four-piece kit (one up, one down) for gigs. I carry three cymbal stands but sometimes mount two splashes upside down on them, so either three or five cymbals. At home I add a fourth cymbal stand so it's something like this.
  3. Neal Pert

    Heading to the STATES! Want to visit drum shops, etc.

    I mostly agree here-- If you've seen European cities, especially, there's not much reason to go to most US cities. The true gem the US has is the National Park system (and an awful lot of state and regional parks, too). Driving through Utah, the American southwest, the Pacific Coast highway...
  4. Neal Pert

    Is your gig pedal and practice pedal the same?

    I finally decided to go all in and buy a second Yamaha FP9C. I had been using the 7210s for my whole career but man do I love the FP9C. I'll keep a couple different beaters in each of the storage cases.
  5. Neal Pert

    Heading to the STATES! Want to visit drum shops, etc.

    So many good pics. And we re-connected with a ton of old friends, mostly. We took the trip because we were grieving the loss of our son and it was incredibly good for us. Lots of (captioned) photos here: Click on the circled letter i in the upper...
  6. Neal Pert

    Heading to the STATES! Want to visit drum shops, etc.

    Are you driving to all those places? If so, the road itself can be a huge part of the journey. I just did a two month road trip around the US and I have a lot of thoughts and suggestions about this.
  7. Neal Pert

    Ludwig announcement tomorrow 2/11/2024

  8. Neal Pert

    Using the stock snare drum?

    Well, you could easily confirm this by looking at a price list. If there's actually a discount offered on the price of the snare when buying it with the kit, I suppose it could be that they were losing money. But it also seems rational that if they were losing money, the smart thing to do...
  9. Neal Pert

    Using the stock snare drum?

    I actually sold the matching snare to my Yamaha AHM kit just because it was too "matchy." A red snare with a red drum kit felt and looked like overkill. But it was a great sounding drum. I think if my drums had been black or natural I'd have probably kept it. Now that I looked at it...
  10. Neal Pert

    Help ! I'm On A Highway To Hell

    I didn't notice it until I played it again to confirm what the drummer played!
  11. Neal Pert

    Help ! I'm On A Highway To Hell

    If you turn it way up the original (in the video above) has the hi hat as well.
  12. Neal Pert

    Help ! I'm On A Highway To Hell

    The drums come in on +4+ after the break with the guitar. It takes a second for it to feel like it's locked in, but it is right away. +4+ and then [EDIT] silent on 1 but in time.
  13. Neal Pert

    Help ! I'm On A Highway To Hell

    Well, if you mean consistently, it's because Phil Rudd's playing 1-2-3-4- and the guitar is playing +4+. When you hear it at first it's easy to hear the guitar as 1+2. But it's never that.
  14. Neal Pert

    Help ! I'm On A Highway To Hell

    Well, since I couldn't include that video in my counting, I pulled out my guitar and counted it for you.
  15. Neal Pert

    Cymbal Recommendations

    If you'd consider a 24" ride Paiste makes both Big Beat and Giant Beat box sets that are otherwise right in the zone you're looking for. Gorgeous-sounding cymbals. But of course you can also buy the cymbals separately and get your 22. Check them out here:
  16. Neal Pert

    Would you hesitate gigging a vintage snare on the road?

    I don't really "do" the vintage thing at this point, so really, no. If I did start touring, the two key words would be "bulletproof" and "replaceable." I'd probably take a wood or metal Yamaha snare with me- probably the RC 6.5x14 Brass or a similar sized wood drum.
  17. Neal Pert

    "Sounds Great, send me the stems." - Best Words Ever !!!!

    Congratulations! And yeah-- any time I get the "yeah, let's use that one" it's an immense satisfaction!
  18. Neal Pert

    Why All Drummers Need a 14x8 Snare...

    Man, that video's gonna sell a bunch of Recording Custom 14x8 snare drums, as well it should. As for me, I have settled on a 14x7 Noble and Cooley and have long known that it's a magical, do-everything snare. If I had to take only one snare to a gig, I'd either take the N&C or a 6.5 Cherry...
  19. Neal Pert

    Studio set signed by Portnoy

    The good thing is that it will clean right up with a little Windex and a soft cloth.
  20. Neal Pert

    Classical Snare Drummers: Noble and Cooley?

    Hey, folks, Do any of you classical snare drummers have any opinions about Noble and Cooley steam bent solid shell drums for use in classical/orchestral music? It's not a discussion I've heard much about before (and there's a situation where we may be getting one for the college music...