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    Dream cymbals ?

    The Dream bliss 14" hats gave me the somewhat darker sound I was looking for without breaking the bank.
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    WTB. Renown in Cobalt sparkle fade

    Anyone with a lead on this kit?
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    trade offer- would like the board's feedback

    I have a 20"k ride ( not custom, dark, hybrid) that someone wants me to trade for a 22 AAX omni. The rest of my set up is Zildian A'S and Sabian AA's. Thoughts?
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    Charlie Watts China on She's so Cold

    Ok I have been trying to nail down which UFIP natural series China he uses on this song. I love that sound....I have always heard it was an 18" and he has been in recent years been using an 18 as his main crah abover his tom. However I saw this video and it looks like this is a 16, which is what...
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    Advice and suggestion on cymbal to add to kit

    Hello, I have a kit with all Sabians at the moment. AAX accelerator hats 14- thinking of trading for some New Beats9 Have offer to do that) AA med thin 16 crash, which I love AA Dry Ride 21- soon to trade for AA Raw Bell Dry Ride HHX Evolution 18 crash ( MY ISSUE) B8-PRO mini chinese- which I...