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  1. medeskisoul

    Rehearsal Kit for New Project

    Beginning to play with a new group of musicians and I thought I would show you the kit in the rehearsal space. It is Kliph Scurlock's, drummer for the Flaming Lips, C&C kit. I was pretty stoked to see it, let alone be able to play it. Here are a few pics of the kit and a pic of Kliph actually...
  2. medeskisoul

    Evil Dead the Musical

    I have the pleasure of playing in the pit for Evil Dead the Musical. Thought I would share some pics of my set up. I am using: C&C Custom Drums 9"x12" rack tom 14"x16" floor tom 16"x24" bass drum 6"x14" snare 18" HHX Evolution Crash 14" Custom HHX prototypes 9" Zil Bel 6" Zil Bel (not mounted...
  3. medeskisoul

    Live Pic from CD Release

    Here's a new pic of myself and Molly Moneymaker (my new C&C kit) from the CD Release show last Friday. It's sunny these days so I will try and get some good pictures in the natural sun light before I leave. -Cheers
  4. medeskisoul

    My New C&C Custom kit - in Progress (more to come)

    I haven't been here for a while and I apologize. A heavy schedule has kept me away for some time. I am happy to report I now have an endorsement with C&C Custom Drums. OK... I know this is just a picture of my shells. But, I wanted to share my excitement for my new kit. C&C sends me updated...
  5. medeskisoul

    Our 'Other' Drums

    Here is a photo of my hand percussion. The remo Djembe is what I take hiking and camping because it is the most weather resistant. The others stay in the studio because they were WAY too expensive to take camping and risk theft or damage. The skateboard was just there. good entertainment on tour...