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    Glenn Wheatley, 74
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    The Clock

    any thoughts on hi-hat technique? any exercises or schools of thought? i find that when the clock is tight (hi-hat or ride) the rest falls into place easily without overplaying or underplaying. easier said than done when your mind on a) that fat snare pop or b) that tasty fill or c)...
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    Drum Rugs

    . Where do you get them ? . What do you look for in a drum rug? . Dimensions ? . Material ? . Thickness ? Standard Tama Imperialstar 5 Piece . i plan on adding left side floor tom and left side cymbal. Thanks.
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    Evans HD on Toms ?

    The HD is the only snare head that i've found that i don't break. i was wondering how they might sound on toms. Modern Imperialstar. Thanks.
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    How High Is The Front Of Your Bass Drum Off The Floor ?

    1" ? more ? ___________________
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    Top 10 Rhythm Sections
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    DW6000 any knowledge of this ? why is it cheaper than the DW5000 ?
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    Ahead Sticks: Help Replacing Tips ?

    i need to replace the tips on my Studio Hybrid AB's. the trouble is, that i can't tighten them enough by hand to get them to stay on. is there a trick or tip to getting them to stay put, so that i don't have to check them every few songs to see if they have worked loose ? otherwise, my Ahead...
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    Pearl P-120

    how does this rate as a pedal ?
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    Paiste PST8 ???? When Did That Happen ?
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    Bonham, Jones, Gilmour, Townshend, McCartney

    The Complete "Rocketstra Theme" / "So Glad To See You Here" Session on Video: 42 minutes long. Musicians who appeared on Rockestra Theme and So Glad To See You Here, included: Denny Laine, Laurence Juber, David Gilmour, Hank Marvin, Pete Townshend...
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    Instead Of Removing Bottom Heads...

    forgive me if this has been discussed before...but has anyone tried using a ported reso on toms instead of removing them completely ? i would think the benefit would be: a. keeping the drums in-round b. bit of bottom head in the mix c. a place to mic d. less snare rattle. anyone tried this ?
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    Thicker Resos

    is there any benefit to having resonant heads that are thicker than the batter head ?
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    Any Idea What Hats These Might Be ? are the hats really that low in volume, or is the snare drum really loud ? i love the sound of the hats and wish i knew what they are, but i'm concerned about the volume.
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    Reverse Bass Pedal

    i just noticed that when i play air drums i play bass with my heel (and always have). is there such a thing as a Reverse Bass Pedal ? one that is played with the heel of the pedal rather than the front ? i'm not sure how such a pedal would be constructed, but nothing's impossible, right ?
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    Jimmy Page and Jaco Pastorious (1985)

    Part 1 Part 2 am i the only one who's never heard this.
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    So.... 2

    So.... am i the only one who's Nike running shoes pull apart at the flap (actually the sole that runs up over the toe) (but only on one foot) because of bass drum stompage and i have to get a new pair even though the rest of both shoes are in perfect condition,'s unsightly...
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    am i the only one who wakes up in the morning with my bass foot stuck in the Heel Up position and have to gently massage it out by slowly rocking my foot back and forth on the floor so that i can Run to the bathroom in peace ?
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    Stick With Ball On The Tip End

    forgive my ignorance, oh knowledgable types...but... Wilco was on Letterman last night and the drummer played a stick with a smaller than a golf ball sized ball on the tip end. i was wondering what it's called and what it's uses are. although the song had softer sections and slamming sections...
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    Gina S(c)hock Ices and Massages

    people here have been telling me, that if i hurt from playing drums that it is My Technique that is the problem - be all and end all. no one ever talks about icing down and massaging. i swear to GOD, drumming HURTS and it is NOT LOW IMPACT. discuss. Gina Shock Evan Interview...