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  1. Timmy

    Sticks ,Nylon Vrs. Wood tip ?

    I know 99.99% of guys are gonna say 'wood tip'. I've always preferred nylon tip. I like how they sound on cymbals and hi-hat.
  2. Timmy

    Traditional Grip

    Hmmm, this is very interesting. I think I may try this myself.
  3. Timmy

    Traditional Grip

    What is your reasoning for switching to traditional? I was taught and have played traditional grip all my life. I want to switch to matched. Already started the process. I'm sure it seems really strange to most people why matched grip would feel so awkward. I'm sure, eventually, it will feel...
  4. Timmy

    Post your Gig Pics

    Wow, that's a pretty awesome house.
  5. Timmy

    Interesting kit build underway

    The way I understand it, as long as he isn't selling drumkits with Slingerland badges, he can put any damn thing he wants on them.
  6. Timmy

    What's a song that you didn't like, but you like a remake of it?

    Love Gryphon. Saw them in concert for the first time in '78. They were warmup band for 'Yes'. They were great. Some guy with a full beard hopping around the stage with a bassoon? lol I was hooked immediately.
  7. Timmy

    My placement sucks

    I'm 6' 3" so I can't help you from experience. Maybe some of our shorter drummers can help you out? I just can't see a solution with your seat that low.
  8. Timmy

    Should I get a reference pure?

    Well, I didn't like their prices either. That's why I'm building my own.
  9. Timmy

    Should I get a reference pure?

    Also, just because something is made in China doesn't mean it is crap (I had a Chinese person straighten me out on this, lol). They make what you want them to make. You want crap, you got it. You want high quality, they can do that too. Now, if you don't like their politics, that's a whole...
  10. Timmy

    Something happens right before you play the gig

    I used to have this recurring dream many years ago where I was setting up and adjusting things and the band would start playing. lol "No, I'm not ready!".
  11. Timmy

    Dw 9000 problem

    That would be the 'Blue'. NOT the 'Red'.
  12. Timmy

    Go Braves!!!

    Oh yes, good for the Braves. (y) Gotta mention, however, I was very pissed when Greg Maddux was with my Cubs, and got an offer from the Braves, the Cubs matched the offer, and he still went to the Braves. :mad: Still haven't forgotten that. lol
  13. Timmy

    Go Braves!!!

    That was SWEET! Is there a bigger high than hitting a homerun in the World Series?
  14. Timmy

    Mates Rates?

    I would hope most feel this way. Disgusting behavior indeed.
  15. Timmy

    Mates Rates?

    I was gonna say he should at least ask everyone if it's ok, but then, not cool to put you in that situation. He should either offer them a discount (minus his fee as a present), or, stop being a cheap ass and pay you guys and not charge her as a present.
  16. Timmy

    I just thought of something relevant ;)

    Drumming for ABBA doesn't count. 😝
  17. Timmy

    Tama True Touch Training Kit

    Hey thanks. Got lots to learn, but, plenty of time to learn. Going to get a QSC TouchMix 30 and QSC amps as well.
  18. Timmy

    Tama True Touch Training Kit

    Hmmm, never seen hi-hat cymbals like that. I need to search them on YouTube & check them out. Wow, ok, those are very different. lol Not sure I could use them as my main hats (I'm mainly a jazzer), but, as a secondary? Absolutely. Hey, BTW, what brand mics are you using? I'm building a kit...