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    The Grand Master Buddy Rich

    Buddy was a cat that had to work his ass off as a kid. I think that played a lot into the man. He could play amazing stuff because that's what wowed audiences, but that was just part of playing for him. He was an entertainer. He became a musician after his vaudeville, as a kid. But his work...
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    Jeff Ocheltree: John Bonham's drumkit

    Love Jeff too. The explanation of the bass drum tuning was a real eye-opener, same as the head choice for the Vistalite kit. I wish he'd have explained a little further into what "getting the sound to the middle" meant. Thanks for sharing. I got something out of it.
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    Painful Snare Drum Question

    Hello drummer friends. It makes me really sad to ask, but one of my favorite snare drums got damaged a few years ago when I loaned it semi-long-term to someone else. They have yet to find his body. *high five's his cat* Anyway, the batter side of the shell is damaged with the plies coming apart...
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    ricc333's set

    Here's my Ludwig SC kit. I've had it since around 94. It's been reconfigured a few times over the years, but I've had it like this for about the last 3 years. Here it is in my house where I'm recording a lot now. Having a blast with it. Enjoy. I apologize for the first pic being blurry...
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    Ludwig Classic Lugs

    Howdy friends. Just joined the forum. I like it a lot. I have a problem I've been searching on for the past couple of days (which led me here) that I've found hardly any information at all about. I'm throwing a line out here to see if anyone knows of a place I can go. I have a Ludwig 14"x6"...