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  1. supermac

    Neil Peart RIP

    A massive fan of his drumming and lyrics for 40 years. A huge loss. Very upset.
  2. supermac

    Neil Peart RIP

    My favourite ever player. A fan for 40 years now. I'm very sad.
  3. supermac

    Rhythm magazine

    I heard earlier today. Great news. It's been a miss.
  4. supermac

    Paradiddle quintuplets?

    Anybody come across these before? Rllrr Lrrll Been working on it. Up to 140 bpm. Not sure of too many applications on the drum kit, but good for the hands.
  5. supermac

    Dave DiCenso

    Totally brilliant player...
  6. supermac

    Displacing a groove by 1/16th note - how do you do it?!

    I've been practicing with displacement lately and really enjoying it. Watching my Gavin Harrison DVDs and Matt Garstka on YouTube has been an eye-opener. I'm reasonably comfortable with 1/8th note displacement, but the 1/16th note stuff is just off the wall. Has anyone on DW mastered it...
  7. supermac

    Purdie/Bonham/Porcaro half-time shuffle?

    So we have Jeff Porcaro with Rosanna in 1982; John Bonham with Fool In The Rain in 1979; and Bernard Purdie with Home At Last in 1977. These are the three famous oft-quoted half-time shuffle examples. Been wondering, does anyone know of any earlier examples of, specifically, the 'Purdie...
  8. supermac

    Sir Ringo Starr...
  9. supermac

    A night out with drinking beer with 50 drummers!

    Earlier today, out of the blue, I received a phone call inviting me to a night out with a difference later this year. It will involve 50 drummers doing a pub crawl, finishing off at a curry restaurant. Sounds a bit different. Whether the night starts off with us all discussing the intricacies...
  10. supermac

    Guess what I left at home?!

    I've been a gigging weekend bar drummer since 1980 when I still at school - but this was a first... Last Saturday night I checked all the drums, got my stage wear together, and got all my bits and pieces sorted for a gig the following afternoon. I like to be prepared. It was only at the bar...
  11. supermac

    Karen Carpenter

    Some very fast ride cymbal work from Karen! Oh, and what a voice.
  12. supermac

    How do I lower the angle of the pedals on a DW3002?

    I'm not a drumming newbie by any means, but I'm a bit stuck on this. I unboxed them yesterday but can't work out how to adjust the rocker and pedals angle. Any input appreciated. Cheers.
  13. supermac

    Playing jazz with matched grip - does it matter?

    I'm a rock/fusion drummer at heart but I'm enjoying playing jazz and swing more and more when I practice. As for my left hand's dexterity on the snare, I'd give it maybe 9/10 for matched grip, compared to around 1/10 for traditional! I know one or two big name jazz drummers play matched all or...
  14. supermac

    Playing an invisible drum kit

    Really funny sketch by one of the UK's greatest comic actors, Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean etc) from a few years ago. Worth a watch...
  15. supermac

    Nick Mason

    Not one of rock drumming's great technicians - but utterly perfect for Pink Floyd. Much like Ringo with The Beatles, somebody flailing around the drum kit just wouldn't work with Floyd (and I generally much prefer 'busier' players). His trademark simple ride cymbal work with space between the...
  16. supermac

    Neil Peart drum clinic, Irvine Meadows, 1992: Rare footage just posted on YouTube
  17. supermac

    Time signature please?

    This is really worth a watch. Incredible playing from all concerned. But what's the time signature from 4.18? It's preceded by a section in 5/4 - and I can almost count 4/4 through it, but not quite! Cheers.
  18. supermac

    Creating a cymbal stack: Advice please?

    I have a good quality 12'' Sabian China I never use. I'm keen to put together a cymbal "stack" which has a short, dry attack to ride on. Any ideas what cymbal/s might go with the 12'' Sabian? Cheers.
  19. supermac

    Mick Tucker

    Excellent player. Sadly, probably remembered only by 1970s UK/Euro pop/rockers. Listening today, definitely shades of Bonham and Paice in his playing. Fox On The Run, for example. Loved watching Sweet as a little kid on Top Of The Pops, years before I played drums. Ballroom Blitz, a classic...
  20. supermac

    Anyone else had problems with Roland hi-hats?

    I have a Roland TD-30 which is great - apart from the hi-hats. I have to constantly adjust them to get a sound, and avoid unwanted ghost notes. I had a mid-price Roland a few years ago and - again - the hi-hat was the only problem. Anyone had similar issues?