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  1. Hellwyck

    Does anyone play video games?

    Anyone who says video games cannot be art has not played any Lucasarts adventure games - especially the Monkey Island series. They literally hand-drawn the backgrounds before putting the sprites on screen - that's actual artwork.
  2. Hellwyck

    Gary Husband Here!

    Greetings Mr. Husband - huge fan of your work with Level 42.
  3. Hellwyck

    Chad Gracey

    I am a huge fan of LiVE, I adore Chad's drums on Throwing Copper including Lightning Crashes and Pillar Of Davidson and his Secret Samedhi stuff on Ghost is great.
  4. Hellwyck

    Where do you live / where have you lived?

    Not sure if I've done this but I'm from Manchester, an industrial city in the North-West of England.
  5. Hellwyck

    Tom Preferences?

    Oh yes!!
  6. Hellwyck

    What are you listening to right now?

    Not "at this moment" but recently: * Live - Throwing Copper (album) * Third Eye Blind - Semi Charmed Life * Carcass - Swansong (album) * A Queen playlist I made for the car * My band's set for some upcoming gigs.
  7. Hellwyck

    What shoes do you wear for drumming?

    What ho! Said da ting!
  8. Hellwyck

    What's your latest purchase?

    2 x Felt beaters and 2 x Wood beaters for my Iron Cobra double pedals.
  9. Hellwyck

    Open Jams and open mics what to expect

    Open Mics - by very nature - won't have a drum kit.
  10. Hellwyck

    Hello All, New member here.

    Welcome to the forums!
  11. Hellwyck

    Help. What is this drumkit?

    No they're not.
  12. Hellwyck

    Help. What is this drumkit?

    It might be a Percussion Plus, they used very similar tom mounts to Pearl kits.
  13. Hellwyck

    hi im iggy and i am 13 and im try to get in to drumming.

    I didn't know he was 13, I just got a harsh reply and I don't stand for that when I'm trying to be helpful.
  14. Hellwyck

    hi im iggy and i am 13 and im try to get in to drumming.

    Apologies, just standing up for myself.
  15. Hellwyck

    Your practice area set ups

    Nice Nick Mensa-inspired bass drum head.
  16. Hellwyck

    The gig've lost me, please elaborate... Oh right, I'm not the one who hangs out with the girl, Bo is.
  17. Hellwyck

    The gig

    Congrats on a great gig.
  18. Hellwyck

    The complete set in a box

    "Play ANY SONG..." Any song!? Nah. Not Tool or Dream Theater.
  19. Hellwyck

    Danny Carey- Arrested for assault

    # Why can't we not be sober?? #
  20. Hellwyck

    Anyone here play a 13", 14", 16" setup?

    Watch out for that tree!