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    Seth Davis hand technique
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    Sanford Moeller Drumming on Film, 1929
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    Jojo Mayer the Illusionist

    Jojo Mayer the Illusionist :)
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    Great Hands for A Lifetime vs. Rudimental Ritual

    I didn't watch Tommy Igoes DVD. Did somebody work on both routines. What are your impressions?
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    Andy Petko Drum Grips

    Andy is one of few specialists for grips. He has collected over 35 authentic grips in over 40 years of drumming.
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    Robot drummer
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    The Chicken Wing Technique

    what you think about this technique?
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    27/8 time signature

    Which time signiture is this??? 27/8 broken down as 9+7+6+5. Something like that? sick tune for playing btw;)
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    AS 07 1205 AD Art Design and AS 07 1305 EA Earth Finish SONOR SNARES

    Can i hear this snare drums somewhere on the internet, does anybody has a link?
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    Hi-Hat opening

    Do you open your hi hat with heal or toe, or both;)
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    Flat tom?

    I have tama starclassic, and I wonder can I put tom to stand flat?
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    James Brown Funky drummer break?

    Does anybody has a notation of James Brown Funky drummer break
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    what is this?

    This is my favorite croatian drummer Dado Marinkovic. What is he using between small left snare and bongos???????? You should also check his playing;)
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    Dado Marinkovic Dalibor Dado Marinkovic was born in 1976, Doboj BiH where lived there through his childhood. Dado started playing drums at the age of 5, and played with many different bands around Europe. In 2001 Dado moved to...
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    Buddy Rich licks and patterns explained by Dick Cully

    some easy, cool licks and patterns
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    used cymbals

    where i can buy used cymbals ?????
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    difference between dw 9000 and 9002???

    whats difference between dw 9000 and 9002???
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    How Music Works 2 - Rhythm
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    Drums of War

    Civil War Minutes documentary. about history of marching drumming - on 2:35 "duty calls". does anybody knows more abut this calls??? does anybody has sheet with marching calls or something like that.