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  1. gdmoore28

    Heavy rides anyone?

    And there's the rub with heavy rides. Almost all of them have a single dominant resonant frequency, and once I hear that requency I tend to obsess over it. That can happen with lighter cymbals, as well, but heavy ones are logically more inclined to do it. In my mind, the mark of an excellent...
  2. gdmoore28

    My newest youtube video

    Honestly, I don't hear any timing issues at all - not even in the fills. You sound like a very solid rock player to me. And I can see how hard you are concentrating - I immediately suspected that it was an issue with hearing the music. I could never play along with prerecorded songs for that...
  3. gdmoore28

    So I want to try the cotton balls thing, but...

    I don't understand why it is so difficult stuffing cotton balls through the vent holes. I've done it a number of times, and it's really easy. Just roll them up a bit and thru the holes they go. They will expand back to their original fluffiness once inside the drum. I don't use muffling, but I...
  4. gdmoore28

    Some new Mapex gear in the hizzy. Haters R welcome.

    All I can say is, "Wow," that is a beautiful set of drums. And perfect sizes. I have to constantly fight my prejudice against Mapex drums. Despite hating the name, I bought one of the first Saturn Pro kits when Mapex first hit the streets. Despite having impeccable build quality, that kit...
  5. gdmoore28

    INDe's New Ultralight Tom Holders

    Well, I guess the wait is over for me. I've explored all the other possibilities for a tom holder on my virgin Slingerland bass drum. I bought a couple, and all to no avail. Just could not bring myself to drill and mount something that weighed as much as the drum itself, or invest money in the...
  6. gdmoore28

    50 songs in 2 years

    Wow. What it must be like inside your head when it comes to music. I'm thinking, "This dude does not think like a 'normal' person!!!!!" And I mean that as a compliment. And, yes, I caught the Zappa connection immediately. I like Play It, Chester best. So, when did your momma drop you on your...
  7. gdmoore28

    PDP vs Yamaha Stage Custom

    I'm very opinionated on drum sets, but honest to gosh, this choice would have to end in a coin toss for me. I much prefer the lugs on the Yamaha, but the PDPs offer such a beautiful choice of finishes, and I lean toward maple. But the Yamahas have the YESS mounts, and I love those. See what I...
  8. gdmoore28

    My band's NPR Tiny Desk Contest submission (multi-shot/quarantine style)

    Love . . . those . . . strings! Excellent effort under very difficult circumstances. I'm a very "hooky" type of listener and kept waiting for it, but it's not that kind of song, is it? Not the kind that has a strong climax with a warm denouement. And maybe totally appropriate considering the...
  9. gdmoore28

    The Fire Below - Cymbal Hammering

    I used a Sabian XS20 20" Ride for my hammering experiments last year. Nothing cracked, fortunately, and I still haven't decided if the changes I made were good or bad. Gave that one away to a needy drummer, but it'd be fun to find another one to experiment with. I think it would be a waste of...
  10. gdmoore28

    Marilyn Manson Cover (FULL band video)

    Good job, bub! Really enjoyed the musicianship and the theater! GeeDeeEmm
  11. gdmoore28

    Vox Telstar Drum Kit Demo

    Love that drummer. He has a deep pocket. Did you pick up on all the beats he played from the period? He nailed them so good that I could name most of the songs they were from. GeeDeeEmm
  12. gdmoore28

    Final Double-Ply Head Update: The Saga Settles

    Actually, "damping effect." I catch myself doing this all the time. GeeDeeEmm
  13. gdmoore28

    What's your latest purchase?

    Boy, that kit has everything going for it: beautiful finish, lovely lugs, and I really like those badges. The floor tom sizes look odd to me, too, but I could certainly live with it. Congrats on bagging another FINE set of drums. GeeDeeEmm
  14. gdmoore28

    Final Double-Ply Head Update: The Saga Settles

    Lefty, I see from your post that you have completely run out of your supply of periods and commas. I have a bunch of extra ones lying around, so I'll send you a few. Gratis! (Here's a few to get you by for now. Ive thrown in a few extras, as well...
  15. gdmoore28

    Anybody playing Tama Super classic maple kit?

    Man-o-man - this dude can PLAY! Everytime I thought he was about to run out of tasty licks, he piled on again. And those drums are tuned perfectly for pop/rock. This was a very enjoyable video. GeeDeeEmm
  16. gdmoore28

    Cymbal set up

    I'm in the "close-blend" camp. In those instances when I use one crash immediately after the other, I want them to have a consistent tonality along with a slightly different pitch. For example, at home I have three 16" crash cymbals - a Zildjian A thin, a Zildjian K Dark medium-thin, and a...
  17. gdmoore28

    My Pearl Masters BCX

    That finish is simply beautiful! The color really pops and the deep-gloss clear coat makes for a very expensive, fine-furniture look. I love it. GeeDeeEmm
  18. gdmoore28

    My truly horrendous Guitar Center experience!

    What a shameful experience. Nobody should be required to jump through hoops in order to buy something, especially now that businesses large and small are in such dire straits. I had a similar experience (involving MUCH less money, though) while signing on to a new internet provider. As usual...
  19. gdmoore28

    And this one you can see my head!

    My gosh! I can't believe that a drummer has finally posted a video with a head shot - and wearing a smile!!!!!! Bo, you've broken every drum-video convention in the book, and I love it. GeeDeeEmm
  20. gdmoore28

    The Yamaha Stage Custom Hierarchy?

    "Pot metal" IS cast metal. I owned a long-lug set of Stage Customs before buying my Recording Customs. Believe me, the SCs could not compare to the RCs, not even in the bass drum sound. The long-lug SCs were nothing to write home about. The new birch SCs are quite good. GeeDeeEmm