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    Rush cover - la villa strangiato, Zoom H1 and Kodak Zi8 Test

    Hey all. What do you think of this? It's an impromptu band my son put together but the drums or his playing sound good to me... trouble is I'm not a drummer! I'm told don't even bother to cover rush if you can't do it perfect... Why is that? What do you think anyway? It's also a test of the new...
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    Dam Cat! (Protection Racket case)

    Anyone ever wash a protection racket drum bag? Kitty had its way with it and I don’t want to toss it out yet… Febreze isn’t working!
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    Son's playing...Thoughts? Sonor drums.

    Here is a fun comparison for many that ask the question how do I get that sound like on “insert band name here’s album”. That struggle to tune, swap heads etc to find it. I have two links to the same video: First video is the recorded and processed sound from the studio...
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    Video tour of my sons Sonor kit.

    Here is a video tour of my sons Sonor kit.
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    Looking for feedback on Son’s playing.

    Hi Guys. This is my Son’s band. I’m keen on getting some input to my son's drumming. He just turned 13 so he has not been at it long. The just won a High School Student city wide Battle of the Bands. The funny thing is none of them are in High School yet! Grade 6, 7 and 8. I know these are of...
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    Loud clear stick definition and a cutting bell?

    Hi Guys. I’m now ride shopping with my son. He currently has a Z Custom that he thinks is ok sounding. What he loves is the HH RBDR and second to that would be the K heavy ride. He does not like the bell on the K as much as the RBDR. He is looking for loud clear stick definition and a killer...