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  1. Jeremy Crockett

    Better Late Than Never

    Beautifully done, sir!
  2. Jeremy Crockett

    Tom angles!!!!

    Homeslice selling that kit has an absolutely killer Man Cave going too. I kind of dig this TAMA.
  3. Jeremy Crockett

    Tom angles!!!!

    complete plus adult drum set $1,000 Professional drum set, in great condition, hardly used with evans top hats with tom toms sim Ian cymbals includes the throne and all stand and chrome holders it is a good deal at that price drums by SP (special percussion)
  4. Jeremy Crockett

    Bought an electric piano

    How soon can we expect this from you? Congrats on your purchase! (y)
  5. Jeremy Crockett

    YouTube to MP3 conversion program.

    Not for nothing, you can record YouTube in Audacity and export to MP3 I have used this method with much success.
  6. Jeremy Crockett

    Selling Stuff To Friends

    Sounds to me like you did the wisest thing given the situation.
  7. Jeremy Crockett

    Latest Purchase...Non-percussion

    Well, here is an "it was a bargain so I got it" kind of thing. I had an Alesis V25 and sold it. Then I regretted selling it... Then this came up on FB Marketplace. It has more keys and pads and twiddly knobs. Maybe I'll figure it out sooner rather than later? If anyone has an idea...
  8. Jeremy Crockett

    What if…rock guitars were replaced?

    Closest I ever got to digging something like this: Martin Barre still put in an appearance on some of the tracks.
  9. Jeremy Crockett

    Differences in Pics of Kits

  10. Jeremy Crockett

    Tips for Getting Started Learning Bass

    My primary instrument is bass, so I am kind of coming at it from the opposite direction but, that said: Check out Friendly and knowledgeable folks there, it's a great resource. Lots of folk really like Scotts Bass Lessons or TalkingBass on the YouTubes. As far as ditching...
  11. Jeremy Crockett

    Differences in Pics of Kits

    I have never been a fan of matte or satin on anything that is supposed to be shiny. Cars, musical instruments, whatever it may be.
  12. Jeremy Crockett

    Differences in Pics of Kits

    I do not understand why manufacturers use less than outstanding website photos. Superstar Classics look much better in person. The photography of some of the items on Fender and Gretsch's sites is abysmal as well.
  13. Jeremy Crockett

    Music Visualization Software

    It's not visualization software and has a soundtrack, but you can mute that.
  14. Jeremy Crockett

    What's something music-related that scared you as a kid?

    Nothing music-related but 11-year-old me was scared witless by this: The first time I saw it, I was staying at my Grandparent's house. It was dark, it was late, and I was the only one up.
  15. Jeremy Crockett

    Does anyone play video games?

    As you can see from my avatar, World of WarCraft was my thing for a long, long, long time. This was my favorite expansion. Players either loved it or hated it.
  16. Jeremy Crockett

    Latest Purchase...Non-percussion

    Busy week this week. Last Saturday I drove up to Lake Wales to pick up a Korean-made Epiphone Viola bass with a Rosewood fingerboard. Unfortunately, I am not "bonding" with it at all. The craftsmanship is great and it sounds like it should but, the string spacing is far too narrow for my fat...
  17. Jeremy Crockett

    Comfort Food

    In 56 years, I have never heard of Goulash referred to as "American Chop Suey". Is that a Northeastern thing?
  18. Jeremy Crockett

    I Didn't Know This Sucked Until I Came to DW

    Like so many others, I have learned hide ya kids, hide ya wife from these.
  19. Jeremy Crockett

    Comfort Food

    Casseroles, the more cheese, the better: Hamburger Pie Mac and Cheese with Sausages: My personal favorite was passed down from my Maternal Great-Grandmother who (as the story goes) got the recipe from a '30s or '40s Woman's Day magazine and would make it for her Bridge Club. I grew up...