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  1. BillBachman

    BAD left-hand habit

    Work on rebounding free strokes! There's good reason that that's step #1 on the "Extreme Hands Makeover." Start by getting out of your own way and letting the stick flow.
  2. BillBachman

    Weird question about your little pinkies!

    When I see people's pinkie sticking out they're pretty much always squeezing too much in the front of the hand to compensate, that's the reason for concern as I see it. Note that I'm not saying it should always be on the stick, that'd wreck the flow of some things and make a whole bunch of fast...
  3. BillBachman

    Whats the bEst way to learn a complicated pattern?

    Besides the obvious "slow it down," I recommend the bite size chunks approach. Play only from beat 1 to beat 2. One quarter note's worth of music should be doable. When you get it, do it 20 more times without speeding it up. (Your mind will have already gotten it & will be bored, but it's the...
  4. BillBachman

    About Finger Technique

    Sticks generally slide up in the hand when there's too much squeezing in the fulcrum. Try to relax the front of the hand and think of the fulcrum more as a ceiling over the stick instead of a pinch point. With the front of the hand more relaxed you'll feel the weight of the sticks on the back...
  5. BillBachman

    Why should I practice things that I would never play on a gig?

    "Why should I practice things that I would never play on a gig?" I'd say because it helps you play the things you would play on a gig that much better.
  6. BillBachman

    Can’t play heel up double bass anymore

    It's funny that you called that tempo out. That's the exact max tempo for me "riding the bike" with double bass. Occasionally I'll get on a double bass practice binge doing a long exercise and that's the ceiling! If I suddenly get motivated I'll work on the next gear--it's just so rare that I'm...
  7. BillBachman

    Traditional methods for teaching hand technique (take 2)

    I always start with the free stroke all the way up past vertical (that's step 1 of the Extreme Hands Makeover on I do this because the only way to get all the way up/back there is by all but eliminating any extra tension in the hands. Once a player gets the feeling of those...
  8. BillBachman

    Actual Moeller drums being played at the inauguration!

    Fun fact: The two rope drums being played today at the inauguration are actual Moeller drums that were recently restored. These are his "Grand Republic" series 21" x 17" with all of the eagle artwork and such. 13 were known to exist of this series. Aside from this type, Moeller didn't make many...
  9. BillBachman

    Drumming Rudiments Technique Help?

    Hi there, I love that you said that you're "not interested in speed." I say this because if you work on smooth natural mechanics that sound good, you'll end up with speed anyway since you're out of your own way. You also said that "speed comes from slow practice." This is commonly talked...
  10. BillBachman

    Playing the upstroke after tap..

    Greetings, I've found that some people like to make a science project out of upstrokes, but with wrist turn technique you simply lift the stick up immediately after playing the tap. As a general rule the only time the upstroke becomes an issue is when you hit faster tempos where there's less...
  11. BillBachman

    funky primer by charles dowd question

    I love this book and use it with students a lot! (And I worked through left handed/footed at one point.) It's so gradual with coordination (independence) that you never really hit a frustrating wall. I prefer to be able to accomplish something and turn the page more than have a nearly endless...
  12. BillBachman

    "Stir-Crazy Drum School" on Facebook Live -10AM central

    Day 3 is up. Feel free to check out for a 3 day free "Stir-Crazy" trial too, we need to keep busy and move forward during this strange strange time.
  13. BillBachman

    "Stir-Crazy Drum School" on Facebook Live -10AM central

    Day 2! Also, a free 3 day trial of, the "Stir Crazy" deal. (Details on site)
  14. BillBachman

    "Stir-Crazy Drum School" on Facebook Live -10AM central

    Whoa! I stand corrected... :)
  15. BillBachman

    "Stir-Crazy Drum School" on Facebook Live -10AM central

    Hey guys, "Stir-Crazy Drum School" starts tomorrow at 10 AM central time on Facebook live! We’ve got to do something while we’re locked in due to the Corona virus, so let’s lock in our hands. We’ll be looking at some material as well as bits from some of my books. It should be...
  16. BillBachman

    What exactly is the purpose of having snare beds????

    It creates a convex surface that the snares go over which helps keep them "pinned" against the head. Without snare beds the bottom head would be perfectly flat and there'd be nothing "holding" the snares against it so it'd just rattle like crazy. Plus a head sitting on a true/flat surface would...
  17. BillBachman

    Playing triplets and 32nd notes at high and low tempos

    Single stroke 32nd notes at 100 bpm is a really good benchmark for speed. Going faster you can double, but they won't have the same beef as singles. Ultimately when you get up to that tempo range it'll also be a challenge to maintain enough sound to compete with the musicians around you since...
  18. BillBachman

    Can't keep balance while using both feet at same time

    This is what makes 4 way coordination a lot harder than 3 way, You have to work the balance on the stool and build up your core muscles.
  19. BillBachman

    Drumming with just a left hand after a stroke (yikes!)

    Thanks guys! I'm starting to be able to play some low & light things. To regain unction I have to squeeze & try really hard which goes against everything I believe in! However, that's the only way to create new pathways for the brain to muscles. It's incredibly frustrating, but I'm doing my best...