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  1. Pkaneps

    Find a Drum Teacher Here

    Anybody know any good teachers in Southern New Jersey?
  2. Pkaneps

    Your all time favorite album

    This changes for me way too often. At the moment...Zep I. That'll change in a minute or two, the more I think about it.
  3. Pkaneps

    Hi... New member.

    Haha I called myself a drummer long before that day came...because it hasn't gotten here yet. Welcome! And good luck!
  4. Pkaneps

    Find a Drum Teacher Here

    Re: FIND A DRUM TEACHER HERE Looking for some lessons in Tallahassee, FL. Have been drumming about 2 years.
  5. Pkaneps


    So last night we had practice and then my roommate had a bonfire, and during the party we were asked to play. So we rattled out a couple songs, and afterwards my roommate comes up to me and says this guy plays drum and he wanted to play a little, so I didn't know this guy and I said I'd rather...
  6. Pkaneps

    Band Name?!

    So, my newest band is called Baby Huey, and we play psychedelic blues rock. My lead guitarist, his girlfriend, my wife and most of the people I've met hate the name. I'm neutral on it, so I don't care. But now we're trying to come up with a name, and I suck at it, so I thought, "Why not ask...
  7. Pkaneps

    Too Sensitive?

    I saw on the news this morning that some kid living in a college dorm jumped off the George Washington Bridge and killed himself because his roommate videotaped him having sex without his knowledge and put it on the internet. That sucks, but enough to kill yourself? There was another case (or...
  8. Pkaneps

    Weird Project...ideas?

    I found a full junior drum kit, 8'', 10" and 12" toms, a 12" snare and a 16" bass drum, and I kinda want to do something with it. I feel like it'd be a waste to throw away...Any ideas?
  9. Pkaneps

    New band, impromptu show.

    So I just started a new band, we've got a few songs but none of them really down. We were at a bar the other night that we go pretty often (pretty laid back place), and their band didn't show up. So one of the guys went and asked if we could play since we had most of our stuff with us and the...
  10. Pkaneps

    Good drumming to the audience

    I know what most drummers consider good drumming (I know there are a wide variety of opinions about groove and chops) but what does the audience (non-musicians) consider good drumming? I once had a lady tell me when I was first starting out that you're not a good drummer until you can play...