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    Keith Moon asked to play Olympic opening ceremony

    Keith Moon asked to play Olympic closing ceremony
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    What's your "day" job?

    Re: Whats your Job? Professional Rockstar.
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    Home made bell chime

    2 Home made bell chimes (updated 02 of march) Right well I had a cracked up old ZBT cymbal that I wasn't using any more: Since the latest fashion seems to be having these little bell chime things, I decided to make my own. Here it is in situ: I measured it to be about 13.3 cm in diameter...
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    Bad news

    Some musicians have procured the purchasing of new heat seeking missiles, to be used against drummers. You have been warned.
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    here is a question.

    What is the point in being a good little law-abiding citizen, if you still end up having to go to court, through no fault of your own?
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    PAISTE 2000 Sound Reflections

    I was tempted to get a paiste 2000 SR crash 18" in very good nick but the problem is that it's £150 and i'm not sure whether it's worth that. What do people think?
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    Just ranting about "fast food" style market stalls (the kind i tried to have lunch from yesterday)

    Just ranting about "fast food" style market stalls (the kind i tried to have lunch from yesterday) Honestly, it said in big letters on about 3 or 4 signs that they had PORK, BEEF and TURKEY in a bun with butter and fried onions. Great. Unfortunately i asked for pork and i was told...
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    I decided that what i needed was a new tom drum. I went on ebay looking for a 16" starclassic floor tom but since there weren't any i figured i might as well start at the other end of the spectrum and get a 10". I got it new boxed for £125 which i think is pretty good given the current economic...
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    Dave Grohl on "Wasting Light"

    I got a copy of the big issue (the magazine that homeless people sell) and it had DG in it talking about how amazing his new album was. He was discussing about the fact that there was no computer processing, to the point that the producer had to physically splice bits of tape using the old razor...
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    Does anyone play video games?

    A blown power supply doesn't require you to take it back to the service centre to get it fixed or just replace the whole thing, neither does having a software problem. 99% of the consoles may work fine but if you think of how many units they shift then that 1% is going to be a lot of...
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    Does anyone play video games?

    so does my computer, but it's been working perfectly well for over 3 years now...
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    Does anyone play video games?

    To be honest what put me off at the time was about 1/4 of the ones that were being sold on e-bay were being sold as "spares or repair"...
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    Does anyone play video games?

    I was going to buy a PS3 earlier in the year. Glad i didn't now...
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    Song video clichés

    Sorry if this has been done before (that would be ironic lol) but you know what i mean? Things that you always see in song videos that bands do ALL THE TIME. I can think of 2: 1stly, those "montages" of bands on tour with pics of them pulling silly faces, drinking, falling off skateboards and...
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    Mine is 12"

    So how big is your rack tom?
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    Does anyone play video games?

    I'm stuck playing crappy old games until i upgrade my PC. I would get a PS3 but then i saw how many were being sold on e-bay as "spares or repair" so i thought sod that :)
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    Paul Di'Anno Jailed.
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    Cool video

    Sorry if this has been posted (I don't really come on here much any more) but I thought this guy seemed pretty good:
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    Here's a song i did This in no way represents my playing. I did the track in 2 takes, but the kick drum isn't real. It's all been heavily edited. No vocals, yet. Maybe later though. At some point, anyway. Edit: actually there are vocals now. Give it eine listen plz :)
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    STAGG cymbals (lolz)

    I was in a drum shop today where they had an extensive selection of stagg cymbals. Yeah i know what you're thinking. But honestly, the higher end lines like the Double Hammered and the Myra lines actually sound pretty good. I mean obviously not as good as the real expensive zildjian cymbals, but...