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  1. Guz2

    I've lost the passion.

    I've been playing drums for about 2 and a half years now and I used to be really passioate about it, but ever since I started playing bass my drumming has suffered. I've been practicing less and less, and now it seems like I'm only doing it for the sake of it and not because I enjoy it. It feels...
  2. Guz2

    Blast beating - bent wrist?

    When I blast beat I have to bend my wrist downwards to reach the snare prperly...Is this bad technique? My wrist feels slightly weird after I do it for a while
  3. Guz2

    Bass pedal attachment clamp screw missing

    A while ago I bought a second hand Mapex double bass pedal off a friend. All the parts were there apart from the screw/bolt thing that tightens the attachment clamp. Does anyone know where I could find a spare one? I've looked all over the web and I can't find anything (not helped by the fact...
  4. Guz2

    Basic question...

    What exactly are triplets (in the context of double bass? I always thought they were just playing three straight hits one after the other, but, and I may have misunderstood, but I heard someone say they are notes you count as "one-and-a-two-and-a-three-and-a-four-and-a" like you hear in this...
  5. Guz2

    Long time no see!

    Hey guys, I haven't been on here for a while. Dunno if anyone remembers me... How's things?
  6. Guz2

    Double bass leg pain

    Whenever I play double bass fast I get a cramp-like pain in my left leg, just below my hip...Any help?
  7. Guz2


    I love my Roland TD3 but it's too small. Is there a way to add more pads than the number of plugs there are somehow? Alos, could I somehow connect another brain to the kit so i could add more pads, like put two kits together? Cheers :-)
  8. Guz2

    Mapex P780 beater adjustment?

    Hi, i just bought a Mapex P780 pedal and I like it. But I bought it second hand and I didn't get the instructions so I don't know If there is a way to adjust the beaters so that they're closer to the head. Is it possible? Cheers :-)
  9. Guz2

    Reverb on drums?

    Why, on a studio recording, is there usually reverb on the drums? You can only hear it on like a drum intro when the drums are alone, otherwise it gets lost in the mix so what's the point?
  10. Guz2


    How fast (roughly) is Prestissimo in BPM? And Largo? Ta :-)
  11. Guz2

    Djembe sizes?

    I'm thinking of buying a djembe, but I'm not sure about the sizes...When someone says "30 CMs" or whatever do they mean the diameter of the head or the height of the drum? And which size is the best? Cheers :-)
  12. Guz2

    Black from the dead...

    Black Sabbath are making a new album, under the name Heaven and Hell. Dio-Vocals Tony Iommi-Guitar Geezer Butler-Bass Vinny Appice-Drums How could a lineup like that fail? Here's the new single, Bible Black. I love it, it sounds like...
  13. Guz2

    Back from skiing!

    The first night at the hotel was totally INSANE! 34 eleven-fifteen year olds who had been on a coach, waiting around in airport terminals, on a plane, on another coach for twelve hours solid drinking various energy drinks let loose on a two-star French hotel...We had a rave on the balcony using...
  14. Guz2

    Your idea of a good snare sound on a record?

    In a band's song, I find it very annoying if the snare rings a lot like on the RHCP album Stadium Arcadium, most Lamb Of God and Dream Theater songs and of course, the infamous St. Anger by Metallica. I also hate cardboard-box snares, like on some early Motorhead songs. My idea of a good snare...
  15. Guz2

    Roland mesh snare head

    How durable is the Roland mesh snare head? Has anyone eer broken one?
  16. Guz2

    Best Black Sabbath album?

    Which, in your opinion, is the best Black Sabbath album?
  17. Guz2

    Ever noticed...

    ...How drummers who usually use enourmous monster kits look so weird behind normal sized kits? I was trying (and failing) to get into Rush when I found this video... Look at the kit Neil uses and compare it to the kit he uses today...
  18. Guz2

    St Anger snare drum...

    How did Lars get the snare drum sound for St Anger? I know he turned rhe snares off, but I've tried that with a snare drum and it didn't sound anything like it. Maybe cos it's Lars hits insanely hard?
  19. Guz2

    A solo (constructive crit?) Please tell me what you think of this solo, I'd like some constructive criticism and advice so I can improve my playing. I've bee plating since April 2008. Thanks :-)
  20. Guz2

    (Very) Quick drum solo Tell me what you think? :-P