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  1. heartbeat

    What's your latest purchase?

    Don't tell the Ludwig police on me, but I bought this 7x14 DW Collector's snare (maple, VLT, re-rings) in gold glass for a new project. Apparently they just discontinued gold glass, so I'm glad I grabbed it. It's gorgeous and sounds killer! (Shout-out to 2112 Percussion for their always amazing...
  2. heartbeat

    Using a Yamaha EAD10 to playalong to streaming music question.

    Yes, you can. My practice kit is set up that way.
  3. heartbeat

    Paiste ride in Andy Ward´s setup for Camel live recordings

    My ears hear a 22" 2002, either the regular Ride or the Heavy (likely labeled "Jazz Rock" then), and I'm leaning toward the Heavy due to the bell sound, but they're both very close. To me it sounds higher-pitched than a 602 Heavy and not washy enough for a 602 Medium. Cool track either way. That...
  4. heartbeat

    What was the name of this Ludwig finish?

    Looks like the Electrostatic (in green) finish they introduced in 2016.
  5. heartbeat

    Would you hesitate gigging a vintage snare on the road?

    I believe it! The fog/haze machine struggle is real. In my experience, the issue is more with the oil-based solution and not as bad with the water-based. One of my bands did a run of shows in Florida and after we played Jannus Live, my kit was covered in a film of gunk. The fog machine had been...
  6. heartbeat


    One of my favorite bands! LOVE the earlier albums before their sound changed. Closer to Home, E Pluribus Funk (still have EPF on vinyl), the red album, etc. I don't see a reunion happening, but who knows. I saw Farner solo and Brewer with Bob Seger. Both amazing shows.
  7. heartbeat

    Giant beat crash ride

    I have 15/18/20/24 GBs. Keep in mind the GBs are on the thin side, even the regular "multi" models. It's very washy used as a ride (using the tip of the stick), so if you're looking for ping/definition, it will get completely washed out in a metal band. If you just want to crash it for riding...
  8. heartbeat


    I like their name. 😀
  9. heartbeat

    Kit Purchases and Values

    I have 2 modern Ludwig kits (and 1 vintage) and none of them have any Atlas hardware. I ordered them with the classic brackets/mounts. So they're not heavy at all.
  10. heartbeat

    Kit Purchases and Values

    Then you'd probably like the Classic Maple line. Plus, they're cheaper than the Legacy line. I have a set of CMs and a set of Legacy Mahogany (and gig with both).
  11. heartbeat

    Ear monitors

    I sometimes use a click live using IEMs. Other times I use a floor monitor without click. Depends on the band. With IEMs, using the Rolls PM55P, I get a mix of the band and run my click through it (there are 2 inputs). I have volume control for each, but I'm totally dependent on the monitor guy...
  12. heartbeat

    Gretsch Brooklyn VS. Ludwig Classic Maple

    I absolutely LOVE my CMs. You can order them to your specifications, even the bearing edges (45 or roundover). All sorts of other options available, including lugs, mounts, shell mount, spurs, inside coating.
  13. heartbeat

    TAMA 50th Anniversary

    That's a great looking snare! Nice job on the lugs. Yes, I ordered the 6.5" Artwood. I love birch snares. It will join my mastercraft birch from the 80s (with the mighty lugs) and my DW birch snare.
  14. heartbeat

    TAMA 50th Anniversary

    Good grief, that snare is killer!!!! I can't wait to get mine! The whole kit sounds great.
  15. heartbeat

    Your Best Drum(mer) Memorabilia

    You're almost right! Derosier (and 2 of the other original Heart guys) joined Freddy Curci and Steve DeMarchi from Sheriff to form the band Alias.
  16. heartbeat

    Your Best Drum(mer) Memorabilia

    I have several autographed drumheads, sticks, magazines, etc., but this is my favorite because he's my favorite drummer: one of Michael Derosier's Supras he used with Heart. The copper lugs matched the lugs on his thermogloss kit. I also have a pair of sticks he used and signed.
  17. heartbeat

    TAMA 50th Anniversary Bell Brass Re-Issue

    My Mastercraft snare fits in a Humes & Berg Enduro Pro case and an SKB case, no problem.
  18. heartbeat

    Best bells?

    22" Paiste Dark Energy Mk2 (the Mk1 is similar, but I prefer the Mk2 overall) 22" Paiste 2002
  19. heartbeat

    SKB, Enduro Pro or Gator Hard cases?

    I have both SKB and H&B Enduro Pro cases, as well as a couple Protechtor cases before they were Gator. No question, the H&B are best. Here's my assessment: My Protechtor cases have no lining. The older SKBs had foam padding all the way around the sides of the case. They no longer do. Now it's...
  20. heartbeat

    Asking here-Cases vs Bags

    I've tried most of the soft bags (PR, Ahead, etc.) and Beato Pro 1 bags are the best I've used. Thicker padding, waterproof, quality zippers, made in the USA (if you care about that). For local gigs where I'm handling my gear, I use them for my bass drum and floor toms(s). Snares and small tom...