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  1. MikeyOdrums

    U2 cover

    U2 cover (this time with Video lol) Hey guys wanted to post our cover of U2's Bad we did last month. Let me know your thoughts !!! WOULD HELP IF I POSTED IT LOL sorry guys!
  2. MikeyOdrums

    Left foot snare handrums fun

    Here is a vid I did a couple wekks ago I set my hand drums up with a couple high hats and snare on my dw drum lift. I off set the bass drum so that my right foot was using the left pedal. Let me kow your thoughts!
  3. MikeyOdrums

    Different set up

  4. MikeyOdrums

    Recap video of tour

    Here is a recap video of our mini tour up in the Northeast. Let me know what you think !
  5. MikeyOdrums

    My vids

    Hey everyone just entered my 2 vids into this cover band contest if you have a minute view my vids and p[lease vote its great exposure! (handdrum vid) drumset vid Thanks guys girls!
  6. MikeyOdrums

    Video of my new band

    Check it out guys love your feedback on the new band.!
  7. MikeyOdrums

    HD video Live solo GREAT quality

    This is a solo I did with my former band Grow. Feedback is always appreciated.
  8. MikeyOdrums

    16 inch bass drum

    Just did a little quick vid with my floor tom as a bass drum on the dw drum lift here is a vid and pic of the set up. pretty fun, quick vid
  9. MikeyOdrums

    Congo Road Neville Bros

    Cool little drum solo in the middle of this tune called Congo Square by the Neville Bros. Feedback is always welcome.
  10. MikeyOdrums

    Meters Cover

    Here is a song from my show last Saturday with a band called Holmes we got to share the stage with Anders Osborne and Charles Neville it was awesome. Check the vid from my Flip Cam audio is pretty good vid looks good too. Love to hear you feedback got more to post these take forever to get on...
  11. MikeyOdrums

    Left Foot clave

    Here is some soloing over some left foot clave (3-2) Let me know how you like! Sorry put the wrong VID up! Here is the right one!
  12. MikeyOdrums

    Moeller Technique

    Quicky Video using only Moeller technique. Love this technique it has helped me out tremendously! Let me know what you think!
  13. MikeyOdrums

    Metal drumming

    Here is vid of me playing some Metal type drumming having some fun Feedback is always appreciated!
  14. MikeyOdrums

    Drum and Base type groove

    My take on drum and base fast linear groove. I am doing a paradiddle and make some inversions here and there. Let me know what you think!
  15. MikeyOdrums

    Hip hop funk beat

    Here is a little hip hop styled beat with a little twist. Sorry been on a rampage with the vids! Let me know what you think!
  16. MikeyOdrums

    Awesome Prog Metal cover by my former student!!!

    Real great talent this is a former student of mine who now studies at Berkelee just a real great kid with a VERY bright drumming future. This cover is of a Periphery song and if you haven't heard of Periphery you should check them out absolutley amazing. Enjoy...
  17. MikeyOdrums

    push and pull hand technique over some dbass

    Been working on this for a bit the end gets a crappy but the stuff in the beginning is cool. Would love some feedback let me know what you guys think, pretty cool technique over some double bass.
  18. MikeyOdrums

    Paradiddle grooveyness This is an open playing paraddidle groove into some stuff not perfect but a pretty cool feel through out. Let me know what you think!
  19. MikeyOdrums

    Quick video

    I just did a quick test video with my new flip hd camera. Came out pretty good.
  20. MikeyOdrums

    Video for GROW

    Hey guys check out GROW's video for Take from the Innocent Vote for us in the right hand side and give us a shot to be on the American Idol Finale!!