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  1. madjack956

    Do you have any other passions besides drums/drumming/drum gear?

    How cool is that! My dad bought me my first wetsuit on my 7th birthday (White Stag) and we snorkeled off Ocean Drive in Newport, R.I. that day. I thought I was on top of the world. He is 89 now and we visited recently (we live on opposite sides of the country) and I told him how that was one...
  2. madjack956

    Do you have any other passions besides drums/drumming/drum gear?

    Motorcycles, Photography, Firearms, Machining.
  3. madjack956

    Pearl sTODDio drum kit

    Just saw this today on DCP. Beautiful looking 8 pc. Masterworks drum kit that sounds really great. Inspired by Todd Sucherman. A tad out of most peoples price range though, I would think. $12,000.00 +
  4. madjack956

    How do y'all keep sticks on your bass drum?

    I put one stick in each ear.
  5. madjack956

    Any 20" ride players out there?

    Zildjian 20" A Custom
  6. madjack956

    Drum Kits with 2 crashes....please explain Mid/High

    I agree with larryace all the way. You bought it, you set it up whatever way you please. That goes for the rest of the kit too. I like sound variety. I got 5 crashes, 15-19, plus a big ride and hi-hats and a Zel bell on a 7 piece kit, with a cowbell, jenga block and tambourine. I use it all...
  7. madjack956

    Name the Brand of Your Drum Kit

    DW- 7 piece
  8. madjack956

    Yo what pedals are you guys rocking?

    DW 9000's
  9. madjack956

    Sweetwater rant

    It looks like a facemask, flippers, and a hull drill are in order.
  10. madjack956

    Sweetwater rant

    Love Sweetwater! I have had nothing but stellar service from them over the past 2 years. I regularly receive calls from Mason to see if he can help me in any way.
  11. madjack956

    Hello All, New member here.

    Welcome Tom! Born and raised in Lincoln, R.I.. I still have family there. I still miss Dels Lemonade and walking the trestle at the Blackstone River.
  12. madjack956

    Ever have a kit...

    I'll surround them, you attack. :oops:
  13. madjack956

    Do you release your hi hat each time?

    Good question... and a good follow up would be - how much does a new spring cost?
  14. madjack956

    Just throw in the towel

    Every time I watch a talented kid perform, I want to sell my kit and climb a tree with a 12 pack. There are a lot of talented kids out there, from a variety of countries, that have one hell of a future, if they stick with it. I watched a kid the other night named Caleb H that played Rush's...
  15. madjack956

    Low profile snare stands

    I use a DW floating snare stand, but you need a rack to go that route. I like having the extra real estate underneath it.
  16. madjack956

    Do you release your hi hat each time?

    Glad to see many in the snare release camp. I thought it was an idiosyncrasy of mine.
  17. madjack956

    What do you play?

    I play for a half hour to an hour everyday. I have a holder for my iphone on my hi-hat stand that bt's music to a small mixer and my headphones. I pick and choose different favorites (currently 103 songs) depending on mood, and if during the day I hear a song I like while working in my shop, I...
  18. madjack956

    Steppenwolf: Born To Be Wild

    Great work. You killed it. That song is on my daily playlist. To be honest, I didn't care for the double bass though. To my ear it didn't fit the song. But I have been listening to that song since it came out, so the opinion of this crotchety old *&^% is really of no consequence.
  19. madjack956

    Drum thrones that take sit bones into consideration

    At my age my back lets me know it needs attention every now and then. I have been using a DW Airlift throne with a back rest for about a year and a half with no issues whatsoever. I really like the stability from having 4 legs also.