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  1. KenDoken

    What's your favorite thing about being a drummer?

    Many reasons. Here are some 1. Walking arm-in-arm with bassist/keyboard player/guitarist through a song 2. Underpinning and supporting singers/breath instruments 3. Making strangers dance/bob 4. Shimmer,crack and punch 5. All that shiny chrome
  2. KenDoken

    Gretsch Catalina Club Street

    In my quest for a kit that'll fit in the boot of a Prius, I have stumbled across the Gretsch Catalina Club Street. It was released about 10 years ago with a split 16x12 bass drum, 10x6 rack tom, 13x11 floor tom, 13x5 snare Does anyone have experience of playing/transporting one?
  3. KenDoken

    The Death Of The Drumstick?

    I use sticks less and like using brushes more. I still like to use sticks when I can tho. I'm rarely in a situation where I'm struggling get enough volume. Never quite liked flix from limited playing time with them I have been playing in a restaurant and get shushed by the head waiter every...
  4. KenDoken

    The Ruff

    Good idea. A friend of a friend could maybe give me an interpretation...
  5. KenDoken

    The Ruff

    Confused I am. The Ruff/Drag difference is confusing as hell. I always thought they were the same thing but might rework the Ruff as a dirty Flam The 4 stroke Ruff is a completely different concept to the the Ruff as an adornment ??
  6. KenDoken

    The Ruff

    I keep getting conflicting information on the ruff rudiment. Is it a ghosted didldle? Is it singles?? both answers seem to be right for different people What's your take on the ruff?
  7. KenDoken

    How many Drums in your Favorite Kit? How many Cymbals with that Kit?

    4 drums 18"14"12" 14" Snare 5 cymbals 20"18" 14" Hats 8" Splash This fits in the boot of an estate with a clear rear window I got to thinking last night whilst driving in spirals getting to a gig through bus gates and one way systems. With the push towards no car towns, it's getting harder...
  8. KenDoken

    The cymbal modification thread

    Tosco 16" crash ride meets rivet I picked this up a little while ago as I thought it would be a handy portable cymbal with big hats potential. It looked nice and sounded good in the shop but find it a bit boring as a ride. I have been gigging at small gigs with hats, pancake bass and snare...
  9. KenDoken

    Simple cymbal set-ups.

    For smaller gigs it's 14" hats, 16" crash/ride I get a bit bored of the ride sound after a while
  10. KenDoken

    What Is a "Woody" Tone?

    I cannot define a 'woody' tone. Lower undertones? Less bark more honk? From where I'm sat I can mostly hear the top head and hoop. Hitting any snare dead centre with the butt of the stick seems to get a good short, dark, low tone I have a 14 x 5 steambent cherry snare with re-rings and - 8 hole...
  11. KenDoken

    Hi-Hat Clutch Recommendations

    Another vote for Remo quick lock. - it holds onto the rod - it stays put on the felt tension - it doesn't undo itself If your clutch does all of the above, don't swap
  12. KenDoken

    Leading hand notation nerdiness

    I noticed the notation for the NARD 26 standard rudiments is all leading with the left hand Whereas the PAS rudiment are all right hand lead Is the NARD notation outmoded or did they have a reason to write it...
  13. KenDoken

    Headphones/IEMs for listening at a normal volume while playing

    I gave these a go behind drum kit. I could play loud and hear the music fine behind the headphones. The drums came through more than the cymbals
  14. KenDoken

    Live Backing Tracks. Is it cheating?

    I don't like it. I like to know I'm witnessing the music being made in front of me, not rolled out If an iteration of a song sounds different from what I expect that's good in my books. A song can be a living breathing evolving thing that doesn't become set in stone when recorded and released
  15. KenDoken

    Drum sticks weight

    I practice with Vic Firth SD2 Boleros mostly for comfort. They are maple so lighter wood Diameter: 0.635” Length: 15.75” I gig mostly with hickory 7a nylon tips Diameter: 0.54” Length: 15.5” the differences don't look like much on paper but the difference in the hand is dramatic. My hands...
  16. KenDoken

    How much backup gear do you take to a gig?

    1. Foot jingle - in case of hihat failure 2. Repair kit- on a big (for me) gig I'll take 2 snares and use the one that sounds better in the room
  17. KenDoken

    Why are Rudiments Important

    Progress can be slow but that bit where you break through and your technique suddenly steps up is worth the the regular focussed practice time. I'm sure you have felt this with guitar I find a metronome useful as a way of quantifying improvement by tracking a BPM you can play cleanly with good...
  18. KenDoken

    Headphones/IEMs for listening at a normal volume while playing

    I have been using 3m worktunes connect at work They make a nice seal and I can listen to music at comfy volumes whilst using strimmer, blower, chainsaw. The boss has to scream pretty loud for me to notice. The Bluetooth is very stable, the battery...