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  1. LeeLovesSabian

    Five Finger Death Punch

    Does anybody here like the "True-Metal" band: FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH? Not a screamo band in anyway, Ivan Moody is the vocalist. Lots of angry yelling, and lots of melodic vocals. They have 2 c.d.'s: The Way of the Fist War is the Answer
  2. LeeLovesSabian

    Trying new cymbal brands

    How do you approach a cymbal brand that you've never tried, or even heard of before? Sometimes, I see cymbal packs from brands like TRX, OSP, etc... Advertised on drum websites, and they're priced much cheaper than the big 4 brands. Do you think its worth the try to see if they're any good? Or...
  3. LeeLovesSabian

    Remo PowerStroke 4 Expirience

    Obviously, this page displays some information about this head, but I'd like to see some comments from anybody who has used them, or heard them. 1.) Can the head produce a large range of tones? 2.) Is it durable? 3.) Does it...
  4. LeeLovesSabian

    Tom dampening/muffling

    Okay, so I created a thread about duct-tape on tom heads. After reading the posts, and discussing them, I decided to give it a try. I cut out strips that are about 4"-6" long, and placed them at the bottom part of the batter heads. Results?......Nothing. No difference what so ever. So: What are...
  5. LeeLovesSabian

    Remo Pinstripe Experience?

    Are these heads capable of producing a really low, focused sound on toms? This is the spefic one im looking at:
  6. LeeLovesSabian

    Duct Tape on toms

    Ive read before, and heard from a fellow drummer, that applying some duct tape(in the shape of an x) on my toms, will focus the pitch. These are my questions: Does it damage my heads? Do they really make a noticeable difference? If they do, where do I put them? And miscellaneus information...
  7. LeeLovesSabian

    Making a Bass drum snappy

    How in the world do you make them sound very snappy? The pitch im going for is like on the Metallica cd: ...And Justice for All. Pick any song off of that album, and you'll know what I mean. I use a 22" bass drum, and I currently stuff a small blanket and a pillow inside of it for muffling...
  8. LeeLovesSabian

    Thrash/Heavy Metal Band names?

    I know, its really lame to ask this, but I can't think of any. Does anyone have any suggestions for band names? Me and my friends can't come up with one, and its been almost a year. We play Trash Metal, and Heavy Metal. (like Metallica, Disturbed, Black Sabbath, Pantera, etc.) So please, no...
  9. LeeLovesSabian

    What's your "day" job?

    I forgot to mention on my last post in this thread: Im a heavy Soft air gun fan. Me and my friends team up against eachother and shoot all day! P.S. Thats a pretty sexy bass!
  10. LeeLovesSabian

    Resonant Head for a 22" bass drum

    I am looking to replace my stock reso head on my bass drum. I've been checking out the Remo Powerstroke 3, but have never used it; so I don't know if its what I need. I want: Great Sound Projection, Volume, Punch, and not to mention, looks. Anybody have recomandations?
  11. LeeLovesSabian

    Iron Cobra Jr.???

    Im not really interested in buying this, but: While searching on Ebay for a Tama boom cymbal stand, an offer of an Iron Cobra Jr. came up. What is the difference between the regular Iron Cobra, and the Iron Cobra Jr.??? are they smaller? less sturdy?
  12. LeeLovesSabian

    What are your hobbies?

    I thought the same thing. But that tank looks expensive!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. LeeLovesSabian

    Anybody got a Myspace?

    Does anybody on here have a myspace? If so, please leave your page's address. I want to spice up my friends list with more of my drummer bretheren
  14. LeeLovesSabian

    TAMA boom stand

    Ive never used a TAMA boom cymbal stand before, so im posting on here to get info from people have used it before. What is the best tama boom stand for under $70, that retains its quality?
  15. LeeLovesSabian

    What's your "day" job?

    If im not playing the drums: I hang out with my girlfriend, watch zombie movies, shoot soft-air guns, get on the internet, sometimes play games. U know, the usual stuff.
  16. LeeLovesSabian

    Lars' drumheads

    Does anybody know what drumheads lars uses on the black album? I need to know: Snare Toms and Bass Drums. Thanks, in advance.
  17. LeeLovesSabian

    Sabian Rocktagon

    Does anybody on here have expirience with one of these. They seem like just a cool design. Sabian always comes up with good stuff, so I was interested in one of these.
  18. LeeLovesSabian

    Mike Portney/Dream Theater songs?

    Does anybody have any recommendations of Dream Theater Songs? I haven't heard any of there music at all. I was planning on searching some of it, but I thought I would get some recommendations first.
  19. LeeLovesSabian

    TRX cymbals

    Has anyone ever tried to TRX cymbals that are advertised on the main DrummerWorld page? I went to the website, and they look okay.
  20. LeeLovesSabian

    Profile Image problem

    I have a picture on my page, of Lars' drum set, and Everytime I log in or post a reply, nothing shows up by my name. What's the problem. Everybody's picture shows up but mine.