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  1. enforcerdrummer

    Gretsch catalina club jazz

    Some colors of the gretsch catalina jazz set has a extra tom listed. Anyone know where I can find a picture of a jazz catalina with a 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch floor, 18 inch bass drum. How come gretsch doesn't show that on their site?
  2. enforcerdrummer


    I went to guitar center today and I was really interested in the Gretsch Club Jazz kit. I really wanted 3 toms, not just 2. I asked if I could get another tom with that color and the salesperson said no. They were correct I can not for that particular color, but I can for the three other...
  3. enforcerdrummer

    Roadrunner and Kaces

    I had a gig and I brought for the first time my 46 inch Kaces hardware bag and it sure beats the hard plastic one I bought from my drum teacher. First of all I enjoy using Musician Friend. They're...
  4. enforcerdrummer

    Jon Farriss

    Give it up for Jon! Every once in awhile I have to return to INXS. I think Shabooh Shabah is INXS's greatest album. His drum sound is great on that album and right now I'm searching for a website on him besides the INXS website. I would love to know what did his drumset look like for that...
  5. enforcerdrummer

    Interviewing Yourself!

    Who knows when one of us is going to be interviewed by a drum magazine. Some of us are lucky to be featured in them, but to actually be on the cover, or have an major article written about you is the ultimate goal I would say of all of us. Back when Rush came out with their 'Roll the Bones'...
  6. enforcerdrummer

    Yellow Drums!

    I was looking at different drum set seller websites and noticing how yellow is not a popular color. But it seems to me that the greats use yellow drums! What do you all think about that pigment on your drumset? Tony Williams used it and Will Calhoun. Automobile color represents different...