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  1. Fritz Frigursson

    Drums as a career

    Hey guys, first post in a long time. I am reaching the point where I have to make my mind about what I am going to do with myself in the future because university is very close and I like many others my age have no idea about what I'm going to do. I fear drums and music in general are not a...
  2. Fritz Frigursson

    Side snare

    don’t know about smaller drums but any 14” snare tuned real low is my favorite way to use a side snare.
  3. Fritz Frigursson

    Older Yamaha Birch Custom Absolutes and Recording Customs

    literally impossible because they have an anti-loosening mechanism that makes the rod hard to turn, it always has friction and it almost feels like you’re cross threading the damn thing lol. since all kits with metal nouveau lugs come with die casts it’s not so important to get equal tension on...
  4. Fritz Frigursson

    Older Yamaha Birch Custom Absolutes and Recording Customs

    i also don’t have many problems with the nouveau lug as long as it’s metal not plastic, the only problem being the impossibility of finger tightening. would prefer absolute lugs instead since the time to change heads is pretty much the same minus a few seconds and you get the added bonus of...
  5. Fritz Frigursson

    Brushes with Yamaha e-kit

    doesn’t work
  6. Fritz Frigursson

    I can’t add songs to iTunes/Apple Music anymore

    youtube is honestly your best bet, free music and more tracks than any other streaming service. if you want offline access too and want to use it on your phone also then spotify or apple music are the way to go but it’s a few bucks per month
  7. Fritz Frigursson

    Best memory size versus price for the new M1 iPad 12.9 Pro

    you’ll get through 128 in a few years of photos and music files. for long term 512 and more is optimal. or get an external ssd and you suddenly don’t have to worry about storage anymore
  8. Fritz Frigursson

    Xp 100/ 120 button on side

    on the 700 and 900 it acts as a tuning knob, you can turn it to change the specific tuning of the pad. don’t know if it works in the 502, but try to go to the drum selection menu and then try turning it while playing the drum
  9. Fritz Frigursson

    brand new td-17kvx with boom arms

    dunno this is a dumb question, electronics don’t go stale after 3 years lmao
  10. Fritz Frigursson

    brand new td-17kvx with boom arms

    then you should be worried about it
  11. Fritz Frigursson

    Best electronic drums

    td17kvx, extend your budget to this kit and you won’t have to upgrade pretty much
  12. Fritz Frigursson

    What Is Your Favorite Drum Sound?

    whatever nate smith plays is inspiring
  13. Fritz Frigursson

    Pearl Session Studio Select vs Mapex Armory

    pearl is better because it’s in a different league, it competes with the saturn not the armory don’t know how to say that in spanish as i only took french classes in high school lmao
  14. Fritz Frigursson

    Quality control - based on price point

    common sense suggests expensive things are of higher quality and inexpensive things are mass produced without much care. with modern manufacturing standards imperfections are rare but still present, especially on lower end kits. i wouldn’t say there is a specific price point where there are...
  15. Fritz Frigursson

    Budget Black Beauty

    a used BB is prolly like 400 bucks which is in line with other new alternatives but it is the real deal
  16. Fritz Frigursson

    Help Me Decide, Please? TAMA Superstar Classic Vs. Gretsch Catalina Maple Shell Kits -- Updated

    any modern kit you buy in 2021 is a solid choice, it’s not like it’s 1980 where half the kits were made of basement insulation
  17. Fritz Frigursson

    Help Me Decide, Please? TAMA Superstar Classic Vs. Gretsch Catalina Maple Shell Kits -- Updated

    i don’t think it will be a giant step up from an imperial star so i would save up until you can choose between a starclassic and renown
  18. Fritz Frigursson

    Question about Yamaha's vintage natural finish.

    if you put it in hard cases in a dark and dry basement then maybe it will be in pristine condition after 10 years but that's not where a drum kit is supposed to be
  19. Fritz Frigursson

    TD07/17 module screen color

    it’s really dark blue (almost black) but if you pump up the brightness it’s a bit more navy like the new blue iphone 13 color
  20. Fritz Frigursson

    TD07/17 module screen color

    different cameras have different color settings