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  1. Rock Drummer

    Pearl Masters MCX Series Tuning Woes?

    So I have a Pearl Masters MCX kit. 22x18 kick, 10,12,14,16 toms. It is made from Maple. I have an issue when I am tuning my toms. When I go to tune, my 12 and 14 always end up at almost the same pitch. Is this a common problem? Do other people experience this? It happened to my teacher as well...
  2. Rock Drummer

    Trick Cymabl Quick Release

    Hey everybody, I was wondering if any of you guys have ever tried Trick's Quick-Release attachment for cymbal stands. Trick Quick Release. They look like a much better version of Vater's slick nuts, but I want to hear from you guys. Also, anybody use slick nuts here? Do you have anything to...
  3. Rock Drummer

    Do Drummers Actually Use Their "Signature Snare"?

    Look at Chad Smith for example. His signture Pearl snare is steel, has 10 lugs, has a 2mm shell, and while these are all good things, the snare is only $225. He plays on a Pearl Masterworks (completely custom) set. I was wondering do you guys think he actually plays his $225 snare with that set...
  4. Rock Drummer


    How many of you are on instagram? It is a really great photo-sharing app. If anybody is post your username so other people can follow you. My user name is jacob_vandewalle
  5. Rock Drummer

    Buying A New Drumkit

    Alright guys, Ive searched everything on this forum about this, and I know your going to say play them and see what you like. But that is not what I am asking. I am planning on buying a kit in the spring of 2013. I know new kits will be out by then, but thats okay because they'll be more...
  6. Rock Drummer

    Bass Speed- Dramatic Increase- Please Help!!

    Okay guys, my drum teacher has a drum recital every year in which we each get to play a song, and he helps us work on it for about 3 weeks before the recital. My song is Rime of the Ancient Mariner by the one and only Iron Maiden. So last Saturday I played this song exactly 6 times, and I had...
  7. Rock Drummer

    DRUMHEAD- Online or Print Subscription

    Hi guys, I want to subscribe to DrumHead, but I don't know whether it would be better to get the online subscription or the print subscription. The online is cheaper, and you can read all the back-issues, but you don't actually get it in your hand. The magazine is more expensive, but you...
  8. Rock Drummer

    The Big Gig

    I just saw an ad for it in November's Drum! Magazine. Does anybody have it? would you reccomend it?
  9. Rock Drummer

    Vic Grip (Water-based Urethane)

    Does anybody know where I can find this "grip" they put on their sticks so that I can put it on mine? I don't need anybody to tell me "well go and buy some Vic grips" because I don't like them. Maybe someone who works at a chemical supplier or even Vic Firth would know?
  10. Rock Drummer

    Undercover of the Night

    Hey guys, I really like this song by the stones, as well as the great groove. I basically have two questions. Are there any other songs with that feel/groove? What exactly is that groove(like the hats) and how can i learn it? Thank you in advance Rock Drummer
  11. Rock Drummer

    Different Sets Of Heads?

    I was wondering how many of you guys, if any, have one set of heads for practicing and one for gigs. This would only apply to you if you use the same kit to practice, as well as perform (If you have 2 then you obviously have to have 2 sets of heads, duh)
  12. Rock Drummer

    First Gig

    Well my first gig went better than I thought it would. It was at a church and most of the songs were upbeat hymns. Not my favorite thing to play(see my user name), but it was a good start. I got some good experience from it, and now things should only get better. Thanks for reading
  13. Rock Drummer

    Drum Gloves

    Bun E. Carlos, the drummer from Cheap Trick, always wears Wilson Golf Gloves. I saw him in a clinic about months ago. He also wears band aids on each finger
  14. Rock Drummer

    Vater chop builder practice pad

    I'm thinking about getting the vater practice pack, well because for everything you get in there you save about 20 bucks compared to if you bought seperately. But my real question is: Is that pad a good pad? How does it feel? Is it pretty durable/heavy duty(kinda)? I don't need people to...
  15. Rock Drummer

    Drum Gloves

    Have any of you guys tried Wilson Golf Gloves, particularly the grip ones? I think they would work pretty good.