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  1. No Way Jose

    My take on the Cowboy Bebop theme!

    That was great! Thank You for posting the video.
  2. No Way Jose

    Simple cymbal set-ups.

    The last few practice sessions I bring hi hat only. I set the cymbals about 2 inches apart so that I can use the upper hi hat cymbal as a ride. I can get bell sounds from that upper hi hat cymbal. So I get 4 cymbal sounds: closed hat, slightly open hat, open hat and bell.
  3. No Way Jose

    music maker looking for criticism

    Sounds pretty good. I keep wanting to hear singing.
  4. No Way Jose

    What's your weakness (drums or drumming)? Here's mine.

    Good cymbals. I only have a couple of them.
  5. No Way Jose

    Sold my flat-based stands last night

    I never know what I am getting into until I use it for awhile.
  6. No Way Jose

    Played A Gig With College Kids Last Night...And Had A Great Time

    That's the way it's supposed to be. Stick with these guys. There is something good happening here.
  7. No Way Jose

    Just purchased my first "practice kit" (in addition to a gigging kit).

    I thought every drummer has at least two drum kits.
  8. No Way Jose

    Not a GnR fan, but...

    Good to see. I hope that it works out for them.
  9. No Way Jose

    Would you hire a player/sub based on their YT video?

    The band I'm in still requires an in person audition.
  10. No Way Jose

    Listening to music that you can’t play well

    There are some Jazz drummers that do things that I'm not able to do. I listen to them, study them, but it's going to take time for me to learn.
  11. No Way Jose

    Akatsuki Factory drum making process

    I kinda want to work in the paint shop.
  12. No Way Jose

    Arriving home from a late gig: What's happens at your place?

    How much do White Castle hamburgers cost now? I haven't bought them in years.
  13. No Way Jose

    What makes music cheesy?

    After watching all the videos in this thread, I have no idea what cheesy means anymore.
  14. No Way Jose

    Gretsch vs Ludwig....Feel?

    I like my Gretsch kit.
  15. No Way Jose

    The aging drummer

    I've seen lots of drummers over the years, young and old. They always look happy up on stage, jamming with anybody.
  16. No Way Jose

    Revisiting an old friend

    That's my favorite style of pedal also.
  17. No Way Jose

    Arriving home from a late gig: What's happens at your place?

    I unload the car. Depending on how awake I am I may stay up or fall asleep. I may eat something. It sounds boring, and I want it boring. If it was exciting then something has likely gone wrong, such as a water pipe broke. That happened once.
  18. No Way Jose

    Newbie Q. Strike Pro SE or TD-17KVX2?

    Steffanie, the drum kit looks nice. What model drum kit is that?
  19. No Way Jose

    Enjoyment vs. Ability

    I always find joy in playing drums.
  20. No Way Jose

    Drum kit question?

    What kind of drum kit is it, what kind of cymbals do you have?