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  1. topper-hardy

    OK, educate me, please (thrones)

    Like I have written a few years back in another thread: IMHO a Porter and Davies is worth every cent. I use their BC Gigster and I am absolutely happy with it. Invaluable especially when playing with in-ears. I have also used “butt-kickers“ before, but the P&D plays in a completely different...
  2. topper-hardy

    What Company Makes Your Favorite Hardware?

    Sonor 600 series Hardware for Studio and rehearsal. Yamaha Crosstown stands with Sonor tom holder, multi clamp, perfect balance pedal and 6000 round throne for gigs.
  3. topper-hardy

    Ride and two crash set ups

    Paiste Signature Dark Energy 16“ & 18“ Crash Paiste Signature Dark Energy 20“ Ride MKI or Paiste Signature Dark Energy 17“ & 19“ Crash Paiste Signature Dark Energy 21“ Ride MKII or Paiste Signature Dark Energy 18“ & 20“ Crash Paiste Signature Dark Energy 22“ Ride MKI
  4. topper-hardy

    Sonor Perfect Balance Standard spring

    Never had that issue. Using a total of three of these pedal since they hit the market. One of which is part of my practice kit and is being used on daily basis. However, I‘ve set the spring tension very low.
  5. topper-hardy

    Sonor AQ2 Maple Shells

    As far as I know, the AQ2 series does not feature what Sonor calls Optimum shell measurement (O.S.M.). So the shells are not undersized. But they are excellent drums for the money.
  6. topper-hardy

    Paiste cymbal identification please

    It should be from the discontinued Paiste „Exotic Percussion“ line. Extra Thin cymbals were offered in 11“, 12“ 13“, 14“ and 15“- They were made of B8 (“2002 bronze“).
  7. topper-hardy

    Electronic Percussion Machine

    You might want to have a look at the Roland SPD One series.
  8. topper-hardy

    Hardware Bundle Recommendation

    I highly recommend to have a look at the Yamaha Crosstown series. For your needs you‘ll have to add a Yamaha 700 series boom arm, since the cymbal stands are straight. I play in a rock-pop cover band and have no stability issues, even with a 12“ rack tom attached to one of the cymbal stands.
  9. topper-hardy

    Thinking about “normal” ride….

    In my opinion the Paiste 2002 22“ Ride is THE definition of a classic ride cymbal. But as already written it‘s rather pingy. My go to ride these days is the Paiste 22“ 2002 Big Beat. Nice „buttery“ ride sound, great bell (not overly loud) and crashes well. IMHO definitely worth checking out.
  10. topper-hardy

    Your Paiste Cymbal Rig

    The 18“ Signature Full Crash blends nicely with the 19“ Dark Energy. I am using a 17“ Dimensions Medium Thin (which sounds pretty much the same as a 2002 17“ Thin Crash). with the 19“ Dark Energy. My two favourite Hi-Hats are 15“ Modern Essentials or 15“ 2002 Big Beats.
  11. topper-hardy

    Sonor AQX vs. AQ2

    I have owned the first version of the Martini, similar to the actual AQX Series and also an AQ2 Safari Set with a 16“ BD. I never regretted the extra money spent for for the AQ2 Safari. Sounds absolutely faboulous and much bigger than it is. The Martini sounded ok, but was soundwise too much of...
  12. topper-hardy

    Paiste 2oo2 cymbal suggestions

    As suggested, the Big Beats might be worth a listen. I love them for classic rock stuff. My go to set for that consists of 16“ HH, 18“, 20“, 22“. But since you are used to a 24“ Ride, you should perhaps try a 2002 24“ “classic“ ride or the 2002 „Big Ride 24“ Reverend Al‘s“. The latter is a bit...
  13. topper-hardy

    Ludwig Black Beauty

    I like my 14 x 5 BB best with Vintage Emperor batter over Ambassador snare side and Canopus Vintage Dry 20-strand.
  14. topper-hardy

    Kick drum mic

    I am using the Meinl Bass Drum Microphone Clamp. Works flawleesly for a D112 with the capsule just inside the porthole.
  15. topper-hardy

    Strap or string

    I have great experiences with the Canopus straps.
  16. topper-hardy

    Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

    … added a bass drum mounted cymbal arm to my SQ1:
  17. topper-hardy

    A change did me good

    Before: after:
  18. topper-hardy

    Came across this little beauty the other day...

    Rohema is a German family business with a tradition of 130 years. They specialize in drum sticks and small percussion.
  19. topper-hardy

    Clear Ambassadors on Toms

    Went back from coated Emperors to clear Ambassadors on my Sonor ProLite (maple). That really opened up the full potential of the drums. They don‘t work that well on my Sonor SQ1 (birch). On those you already notice a big difference between clear and coated Ambassadors.
  20. topper-hardy

    Do Sylomer Drum Isolation Platforms Work?

    Great work. Thanks a lot for sharing. I‘m using a platform with several rubber isolators, offered by „La Baguetterie“ (a local drum store here in Paris) and additionally the Roland Noise Eaters for bass drum pedal and hi-hat. Despite living in an old building, I do not have any issues with the...