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  1. Drumfy

    Ride Bell: What do You Prefer?

    I prefer ride cymbals with a loud and distinct bell. I might have a second ride for other purposes, but I feel like I'm missing a piece if the heavy bell isn't there. To my dissapointment, almost all the best rides for that has been discontinued: Zildjian Earth Ride, Paiste Signature Power Ride...
  2. Drumfy

    Favorite Drummer?

    Manu Katche ranks high...
  3. Drumfy

    How to Hit the Cymbals

    One of my students lives on the other side of the globe and he could need some video tutorials on how to hit the cymbals. Does anyone know of any good video material for that? It's a lot easier to use videos that already exist instead of making my own : ) Suggestions for books and the like are...