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  1. Ozzy Biz

    Stave Snare Drum Tuning

    Hey folks, I imagine you got a pretty good idea about this thread from the title, but here we go anywhere. This question is directed towards those of you who own stave snare drums, preferably deeper ones although that's not a necessity. How do you prefer tuning your stave snare? Do you crank...
  2. Ozzy Biz

    Hayman Drums

    This one goes out to all of the vintage aficionado's here. Hayman Drums; have you heard of them? What were they like? Specifically, I'm looking at a 60's vintage birch Hayman kit. 20/13/16/5x14 kit. It has round DW-like lugs. In what I think is a "Midnight Blue" finish. What do you think?
  3. Ozzy Biz

    Massive old Slingerland kit

    This isn't my kit, nor do I know the seller. I just saw it on eBay then, and it was so outrageous that I couldn't not post the link for it. It's a 26/14/15/18 in this cool original purple wrap...