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  1. robthetimekeeper

    Whatcha Reading Right Now?

    RIP Cormac McCarthy.
  2. robthetimekeeper

    Whatcha Reading Right Now?

    I don't like to rush it. I like to read/listen at the pace I imagine it was written; to savor it, if you will. However, Audible does have a feature which allows one to change the speed of the recording. I find that if the volume is loud enough, the story holds my attention, regardless of what...
  3. robthetimekeeper

    Male vocalist singing female tunes?

    Who doesn't enjoy seeing a man singing a drunken karaoke rendition of Like A Virgin or (When I Think About You) I Touch Myself? My favorite gender bending cover is Weezer preforming Toni Braxton's Un-break My Heart.
  4. robthetimekeeper

    Ludwig Supraphonic Acne

    Speaking of old threads... I still have this snare. I never did a thing to it other than replacing the heads and wires. I love the sound of it so much, it has become my number one player! Whenever I play it, flakes of chrome fly everywhere! I call it Trusty Rusty!
  5. robthetimekeeper

    Whatcha Reading Right Now?

    Since signing up for Audible a couple of months ago, I've listened to Moby Dick, Mrs. Dalloway, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (read by Colin Farrell), Breakfast of Champions (read by John Malkovich), and I'm nearly finished with Look Homeward, Angel. I listen for about an hour each...
  6. robthetimekeeper

    How do you inventory your collections

    The easiest way is to make a video. Describe each object with as much or as little detail as you want. Later, if that info is needed, the video can be watched, paused, rewound, fast forwarded, etc.. You could even upload it to YouTube and set it to private so that only someone with the link can...
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    They are going to be big

    I knew Coldplay and The Killers would both be huge, and they are. Unfortunately, only their first few albums were to my liking. Then both bands drastically changed their sounds. Somehow neither band lost their mass appeal but both lost me.
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    Opinions on

    I've sold plenty of items on Reverb with zero problems. The one time I tried to buy (some hard to find NOS drumheads) my payment was returned a week later. They explained that the items I ordered were actually not in stock, even though the listing said they were. I was disappointed but in the...
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    Where do you keep your drum key?
  10. robthetimekeeper

    How to polish metal parts without destroying your hands?

    Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. I feel your pain. Soaking in Dawn or vinegar works, but scrubbing and rubbing is unavoidable sometimes. I personally would never use steel wool or any kind of Coke.
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    Whatcha Reading Right Now?

    Yeah, it's a luxury. Cheaper than Netflix though. I signed up for a one month free trial. Since I usually read for about an hour each night, I figure it will take almost that long to get through Moby Dick. So far though, I'm thinking I'll keep Audible going after my free month is up. It's great...
  12. robthetimekeeper

    Shoes, socks or barefoot?

    Flip flops.
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    Whatcha Reading Right Now?

    Just signed up for Audible and have been listening to Moby Dick for about an hour each night. I used to read from my Kindle every night, but lately I've been listening to literature while simultaneously sorting drum parts. I really like it so far.
  14. robthetimekeeper

    What album did you buy just for the album artwork?

    Dead Kennedys Frankenchrist for the included HR Giger poster.
  15. robthetimekeeper

    Updated: The Greatest Super Bowl Drummers of All Time

    I think Adrian Young was fantastic in 2003. At about 6:39 they show a good shot of his lit up jellybean drums. Plus he is shirtless, wearing a kilt, and has black lipstick and eye makeup!
  16. robthetimekeeper

    Hearing Loss Even After Hearing Protection

    No hearing aids for me yet. But the doctor explained this is why I can hear everything in a crowded restaurant except for the person sitting right next to me. Too much bass makes everything muddled.
  17. robthetimekeeper

    Hearing Loss Even After Hearing Protection

    Looks like you're doing better than me. Red ink is right ear where I've lost most of my high frequencies.
  18. robthetimekeeper

    drum learning sites

    Never heard of Drum Ambition. Drumeo has a good reputation. In the old days, when DVDs ruled, Tommy Igoe's Getting Started and Groove Essentials were the best IMO. Maybe they can be streamed or downloaded nowadays. Good luck.