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  1. Mastershake16

    Jason Mcgerr's drumheads

    Anyone know what heads he uses? and what series of ludwig drums (and sizes)
  2. Mastershake16

    What would be the proper order?

    Ok I'm a little short on cash but I'm going to get a new ride for my birthday in august, and i was wondering what shoul i replace next my hi-hats or crash? or should i get new hi-hats instead of a ride? and should i trade in my Xs20's all at once?
  3. Mastershake16

    Help adjusting my FP9315

    My problem is i want my footboard at a higher angle, but when i do that my beater goes to far back, and so far through all my tinkering i have found no solution! someone please help!
  4. Mastershake16

    is this fourm all about set? (not a complaint)

    I was just wondering is this fourm mainly based around set? i mean like i understand not having like concert snare but i rarely see anything geared towards say DCI type drumming or WGI. So i was simply wondering if there were any threads about it?
  5. Mastershake16

    16x15, 14x13??

    Ok so i was thinking, not really a fan of box sizes for drums and i know they have 16x14's etc but i was wondering if anyone has tried a floor tom that is like a 16x15 it seems to work for rack toms like 8x7 etc, so anyone used them>?
  6. Mastershake16

    DCI music

    well my friend who marched a drumcore (Jersey Surf) was nice enough to let get the snare music so i was just wondering if anyone else has played oon a DCI level before and has any experience?
  7. Mastershake16

    Just made my rockband drums into E - Drums

    Thanks to this very nice link and with my dads help, i have made E drums!1 if you have rock band 1 or 2 drums or guitar hero drums and you plug them into your computer the method should work, definately worth it...
  8. Mastershake16

    Someone pick it up quick!(yamaha maple custom under 1000 about to end)|66:2|65:12|39:1|240:1318|301:1|293:1|294:50 thought I'd give someone the chance to own a nice quality set for a nice price (it'll...
  9. Mastershake16

    9000's or 5000's?

    im looking to get either of these pedals and im not professional so which should i get the 9000 or 5000? i mean theres a 200 cash difference so id really like some opionions
  10. Mastershake16

    Which of the two pedals would you suggest?

    I'm torn between these two pedal ( i will try to try them out ASAP) SO which?
  11. Mastershake16

    I WON!!! Rock with Sabian and Win!

    wooooooo ill soon be getting guitar hero world tour for the 360 and a sabian hat n tshirt!! if only i could win their cymbal give away....
  12. Mastershake16

    For Any Half life fans check out this video great video of the HL2 world I'm waiting on the next parts, watch it full screen too!
  13. Mastershake16

    Rock Band Traffic Vid thought some of you would enjoy it lol
  14. Mastershake16

    A heel up explination

    OK so ive watched a few heel up videos and i really wanna try to start using heel up but when i do pull my heel off the pedal its very uncomfortable in my leg in the thigh area, ill try again after watching the video to see if it was just me. But could someon egive me a rundown on Heel up?
  15. Mastershake16

    Heads to get a deeper sound

    So i like the sound of my Coated Emps on my drums but i was wondering what other heads could give me a nice deep sound for any type of music i was thinking maybe coated powerstroke threes? or clear PS3 for my toms, my snare is good a coated ambassdor but im not sure (btw my drums are yamaha...
  16. Mastershake16

    Epiarch Drums

    Looking for some feedback on the brand, has anyone had any experience with these drums i've sent some ideas and they've responded quickly and their prices seem great so any info>?
  17. Mastershake16

    Pork Pie Black Brass Snare experience?

    Hey i was just wondering if anyone has used or owned this snare drum and this one...
  18. Mastershake16

    Longboards heel down?

    is it possible to play a set of Axis Longboards heeldown? im asking because they don't have a base at the bottom
  19. Mastershake16

    PS3 v Emad1?

    ok so im getting new head soon kinda deciding between those two heads can anyone give me any info on them ive heard of Emads rings cracking, but it seems to be the sound im looking for, but the PS3 is anyone? i think im leaning towards the Emad.
  20. Mastershake16

    Zack Starky's Resonant BD head?

    I saw the who live in october *amazing!* and i noticed Zak's BD heads are black but when he hits his kick drum the wave and have a shimmer to them, does anyone know what head he uses?