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  1. MaryO


    Hey everyone! I know its been a couple of weeks since I've been around and I wanted to give you an update. My singing is going pretty well. We had a hiccup in the band in that we lost our guitar player and have been looking for a new one. Finally, I believe we have one and rehearsals...
  2. MaryO

    Stupid Deal of the Day. 2/6/14. Drum mics

    I don't know much about drum mics but seems like a good deal. Just thought I would share...
  3. MaryO

    Karen Carpenter

    She didn't marry until 1980 and it didn't last because he lied to her about having a vasectomy. Here's what Wikipedia says : Carpenter dated a number of well-known men, including Mike Curb, Tony Danza, Terry Ellis, Mark Harmon, Steve Martin and Alan Osmond.[3] After a whirlwind romance, she...
  4. MaryO

    Karen Carpenter

    I read that the autopsy showed heart failure first, secondary to complications of the anorexia. Either way, it's a sad statement that she felt the pressure of what she felt society needed her to be. One day we will teach our girls to love WHO they are and embrace their physical...
  5. MaryO

    Karen Carpenter

    I think this video was around 1980 so only about 3 years prior to her death. I'm not sure when it became a real problem but I don't think it was until her later years. Still a shame.
  6. MaryO


    Thought I would let those of you who give a darn an update on my latest project.... We finally got the new band together last week (Keyboards, guitar, drums, bass and me as vocalist). I was nervous as anything! The first two songs my ears were on fire and must have been red as beets from...
  7. MaryO

    Karen Carpenter

    The link doesn't work :( I'll try to find the article somewhere else. If anyone has a link to it that is valid, I'd love to read it. Thanks for trying to share, Bruce!
  8. MaryO

    Karen Carpenter

    31 years ago today we lost one of my greatest influences: Karen Carpenter. Gone way too soon. In tribute I thought I would post one of my favorite vids of her playing drums. Check her out starting about the 3:05 mark on this video...amazing stuff. And she always seemed to just purely love...
  9. MaryO

    Happy Birthday, Phil!

    Just have to wish Phil Collins a very happy 63rd! Such an inspiration for me. Now let's hope the rumors of Genesis possibly reforming to be true!
  10. MaryO

    Feeling Guilty...

    I haven't so much as touched my kit in two weeks! :( I do have an excuse though...sort of. The potential new bandmates are all getting together for the first time this Saturday and so far, I AM the sole lead singer for the this new adventure (how did THAT happen?!?!?!?!). That means I've...
  11. MaryO

    We need some new levels....

    Okay, so I'm a goal oriented person - hence my problem... I've been here three years and FINALLY reached platinum status a few months back. Now it appears I have to wait until I reach 10,000 posts to reach another level. At this rate, we'll all be dead and gone before I do that! I need...
  12. MaryO

    First song you ever remember hearing...

    Not a nursery rhyme or children's song...but first real rock or pop song that you can remember hearing on the radio or being played by your parents on the stereo or whatever. I have a distinct memory of being about 6 or 7 and sitting in my bedroom floor with my little portable radio on and...
  13. MaryO

    Another singing vid...

    Since I'm not drumming in this one, I thought I would post it in the off-topic lounge. I am sitting at my drums however :) Why? 1 - I can hide; 2 - it's where I'm most comfortable; 3 - it's where my equipment is Anyways, don't worry, I haven't given up my drumming it's just that...
  14. MaryO

    Pleasant surprise

    Hobnobbin with the bigwigs now are we? Great story!
  15. MaryO

    Kennedy Center Honors - Sheila E and Kenny Aronoff

    Thought some of you might enjoy seeing this if you didn't see the show tonight. Performance in honor of Carlos Santana. Good stuff.
  16. MaryO

    Updating the set list

    So trying to widen the horizons out from just classic rock. I've been working on this Joan Osborne song (drumming and vocals) This one is vocals only so this being a drumming forum it's okay if you don't listen...
  17. MaryO

    Your Musical New Year's Resolutions

    Yep, it's that time of year again. So I'll start off with my resolution: By the end of 2014 I want to be playing in a band, playing a gig here and there (something like one a month would be nice) AND to be singing lead for a song or two from behind the kit. I know, not much to ask for but...
  18. MaryO

    Couple of more tunes with me singing

    Playing around with the new PA system and recorded these. Sheryl Crow and Bruce Springsteen tunes this time. A little pitchy on both but will get the voice better with practice. You'll see that I took the advice of many of you and moved the mic to the left...much better. Still need to...
  19. MaryO

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of my DW friends! I realize we are from all parts of the world and not everyone is celebrating this holiday today but it gives me an excuse to express how mighty thankful I am to all of you for your support, encouragement, lessons and laughter that you've given me...
  20. MaryO

    Harbinger HA60 PA System...opinions?

    So looking at the Harbinger HA60 PA as a possible option for my vocal PA. remember, I'm looking inexpensive and something for home use and possibly small venue. anyone used one? It's $199 new with free shipping. I really can't afford much more right now. Any reviews appreciated.