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    Real Gretsch drums or no?

    That kit is a steal at $1200 Last things to look out for? That the kit wasn't literally a steal. That you don't get robbed and shot over $1200 cash in your pocket.
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    Home Recording Studio...

    Hi Wendy, and welcome. New topics generally start a new thread. Since you're here: Is your son a child or a youth? What is your budget? What instrument(s) does your son play? Does he possess have a Mac/PC/smartphone/tablet? (That he may use for the purpose of recording music)
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    Real Gretsch drums or no?

    Blackhawks. What was their other economy line.. The "Energy" or something? The Renegade?
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    Music stand that clamps on drum rack?

    Almost any multiclamp (with the correct sizing) will suffice. There are even Rack specific ones.
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    Found the secret to cleaning cymbals

    A clean dry towel, followed by a damp warm towel, followed by a clean dry towel.
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    Rooms/stages that you've played

    I've played stages that sound one way during soundcheck, and sounded completely different once the room is full of people. I've played a stage where the amplifier hum would change with the tide. It was on a pier, and the ground impedance would change as the water level changed.
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    Do you control your own stage mix?

    The only untold down-side of the Presonus stuff is the awkward two-day "let's figure this technology shit out" period with the rest of the band. It really requires everyone's full commitment and attention. Once all of the scenes are created/saved, and everyone is sorted, it's autopilot for...
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    Do you control your own stage mix?

    +1 for Presonus and iPhone
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    Advice On PA System for Drums

    My standard answer: Two Yamaha powered tops, at least one (preferably two) powered bottom, one mixer, poles/stands. Tops need to be at least 12". Bass bin needs to be at least 15". Your budget is going to require you buy used, and I recommend the GC used section.
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    Starclassic or Neusonic?

    Not that I know of. This is more an attestation of Tama's legendary durability than a suggestion that Ludwig has a shortcoming.
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    Starclassic or Neusonic?

    The entire reason behind the "sounds great in GC" is that the Neusonic is a low mass kit, and will sound better in an acoustic setting than a commodity kit. We're comparing an acoustic instrument to an instrument taylored for amplification. IE: My Yamaha acoustic guitar sounds better than my...
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    Starclassic or Neusonic?

    Indeed... I don't think that Ludwig knows anymore either. It's fair to say that the Neusonic is a bit heavier than competing low-mass kits and lighter than competing standard-mass kits. Akin to what Pearl does with their fiberglass offering. Personally, if I wanted a modern low-mass kit...
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    Starclassic or Neusonic?

    StarClassics are a standard mass kit. These compete with pretty much every other standard weight kit. Neusonics are a low-mass kit. They compete with other low-mass kits by GeorgeWay, INDe, and Pearl's fiberglass offerings. Before you begin ranking kits based on preference, you might want to...
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    Snare Wires

    For almost all snare drums, I usually start with a generic Gibraltar 20-strand and work from there. Once I hear what a drum does with the generic, I can make decisions regarding number of strands and...
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    Mapex Saturn Evolution or INDe Drums

    I went with the George Way. I wanted low mass, but couldn't cost-justify a Guru or talk Andy into doing gloss black. I liked what Josh did with Ludwig's Signet and it came down to whether I wanted GW's vintage swag or INDe's nouveau/modern aesthetic. I went with the GW because I'm an old fart...
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    Impressive..BAR bands.

    Tragically Hip -- Just thinking about them makes me want to go buy a 6'er of Molson.
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    Mapex Saturn Evolution or INDe Drums

    Personally, I'd go INDe. You need to decide whether you want a lightweight kit, or a full-weight kit. The low-mass is what sets INDe's kits apart from commodity kits. When I decided on the low-mass thing, it limited my choices significantly, and it came down to GeorgeWay and INDe.
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    I find that Melody Valentine and Carmen Alonso were highly influential to me in my youth.
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    Recording - less mic's for better results?

    The C214 is technically a better cardioid pattern mic than the P420, and I think that it's the cardioid-only budget version of the C414. The reason I recommend the P420 is that it's the least-expensive multi-pattern that has the SPL handling for drums (>140-ish). I think Behringer makes one as...
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    Recording - less mic's for better results?

    Mic'ing for recording requires that you turn the philosophy used for live-mic'ing on it's head. When live mic'ing, the result is the sum of all of the mics. When recording, there is only one (two for stereo) mic. All of the remaining mics are used to supplement the main. My recommendation is...