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    die cast rim

    hey i just bought the top die cast rim for my snare... and actually sound kind weird.. and i have a doubt maybe is that cause i didnt change the bottom rim for die cast i actually kept the normal one.... so does it make a diference at all or not??? anybody could help me???
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    one hand roll "freehand" on practice pad

    hey .. my doubt is how can one practice "one hand roll" (like johnny rabb) on a practice pad???
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    how to make hoops flat and straight?

    ah is such a pain in the eye to. tune the drum kit... i found out how bad the hoop up the tuning when they are bended... my question is... how should i make it flat again??? ... is there any machine for that... as for example with bicycle wheels.. when they bend like that... they get...
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    who is better TIGHTSCREW OR BOLT TIGHT???

    just get this problem as every one else that plays in rimshot, after 5 minutes playing the screw start to loose up... so i look up in the internet found about this two products... tightscrew.. wha. if u change your heads constantly u gonna notice that it loses its tightness .... and the other...