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    Nick Buda's New Noble & Cooley Drum Kit

    Funny enough, about a month ago I made the trek to Noble & Cooley with my friend. He was going up to pick up his new kit he had built and I made the drive up with him from Philly. We had a chance to see this kit before Nick did and were told “no photos of that guy”, but we could have everything...
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    60th Anniversary of The Beatles First Appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show - With Special Guests!

    wonderful as always, John. Thanks for allowing us a peak into the minds of these folks. It is one thing for us mere mortals to fanboy over The Beatles, but when your heroes do the same, it is pretty awesome.
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    Mixing/Recording Drums From "Drum Room"

    I generally alter buffer size depending on mixing vs tracking. I get very minimal latency, if any, when tracking. Even better when I had my Apollo unit and could do the effects outside the DAW.
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    Mixing/Recording Drums From "Drum Room"

    Which DAW are you using? Logic has an app that may do what you want to do. I believe there are some 3rd party apps for other DAWS. I control all my stuff via iPad, pretty convenient.
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    Country Star Luke Combs' Drummer Plays Death Metal (Gojira) for the First Time

    Jake is a great drummer who went to school here in Philly at UArts. My teacher in college (Temple University) was one of his teachers as well as two friends of mine who taught him there, and they constantly talk about his work ethic and how deep into music he was in school. This is very cool...
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    Yamaha EAD10

    Hi Moojii- Are you referring to the acoustic drums bleeding through the headphones or the mix of the drums and whatever you are playing in the headphones? If bleeding through, it will be entirely dependent on the headphones you use. I use Ultraphones and when playing, whatever bleed through is...
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    The making of a Sabian: 1983 modern drummer article

    This is a very cool blast from the past! Thank you for sharing this.
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    What Was Revolutionary About The Band/Levon Helm Drum Sound?

    Keep in my mind, the quote is that “he had never heard a sound like that before”, and not that it is a new sound. It is possible that the sounds he heard for the first time were sounds we may have heard for the 10th time. I just recently heard the band Pages for the first time after the IHT...
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    Did You Ever Buy A Kit Back?

    I have been looking for my mid-2000 gold sunburst starclassic maple kit for years, as well as my custom painted premier cabria jazz kit. Both have sentimental value that was overshadowed by tough financial times. I’d give up a lot to get them back.
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    Help Needed For Tuning A Piccolo Snare Please

    What have you tried thus far before searching? What sound are you going for?
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    Cymbal Purchase Rant - Clueless Retailers and Private Sellers

    additionally, please PLEASE stop listing a 20" K Istanbul Ride that has this in the description: "K Istanbul. IYKYK" and then popping a 4-figure price tag on it.
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    What is jazz drumming?

    Well, the answer to your question is to look at the evolution. Focusing on jump swing music, which I love as well, and wondering what today’s jazz is, to me, is similar to asking what a Tesla is because you harken back to a model T by Ford. To understand it, you would be wise to listen to the...
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    Drums on Alf!

    Page 18- May 87 MD
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    Right handed learning to play left handed good idea?

    you could also dive into New Breed and just get yourself comfortable with some of that.
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    Live From My Drum Room With Jimmy Chamberlin Part 1.

    Johnny D! Listened to this one (finally) today. Love the deep chat about Jim Gordon and the dialogue around the ride cymbal playing! Thanks for offering these glimpses into our heroes. I have found them not only entertaining, but instructional as well. I was listening to "Tapestry" today...
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    Would you tell your band that you’re looking for a better gig?

    The two approaches I see are to 1) find a new band and put a timeline for your exit of the current band or 2) do number 1 in reverse. There is certainly validity to finding something before leaving, but it also may prevent you from taking the risk in the first place. No bigger sense of urgency...
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    How do you feel about pursuing a filled drum spot?

    I would probably not do that, mainly out of respect for the current drummer and really, yourself (not you specially, OP, but our own “self”). If interested in a band, hanging around and being fans of theirs puts you out there more than enough, assuming you go to their live performances. If you...
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    Drum products you miss

    Tour Tymps, only because I never bought them when they were around. Was a poor college student at the time, but the amount of musical theatre I was doing at the time, I always wanted em!
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    Best-sounding room/hall you've played in?

    Live: Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center. Can still hear the beautiful sound of my ride cymbal and bass drum. Studio: when I recorded my album, we did it all in one room. We spent the night before finding the best spot for me, organ, trumpet. I don’t recall the exact acoustic feeling, but...
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    Small Mixer recommendations?

    I have the Yamaha MG06, similar to what @Frank Godiva posted above. Only difference is I go Mono out with a splitter on the EAD. One to the main board and one to the MG06. I then bring in the main mix minus drums for internal mixing for myself. Works really well and leaves 4 more ins for a...