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    Chance to buy this 2nd Hand Shine Select Custom Maple Kit

    Hi folks, Found this kit online and its going for a good price but I don't know much about Shine apart from they went broke.. Looks in great condition and im tempted but would love to hear feedback from anyone thats had...
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    Trying New Heads on Yamaha Stage Custom

    Hi folks, Bit of a puzzle for anyone on here.. I am currently gigging a Yamaha SC and i have Remo Coated Ambassadors on the batter and Remo UT Heads on the bottoms of each Tom. I was thinking of changing to Clear Emperors on the Tops and the Coated Ambassadors on the bottoms, Just wondering...
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    AKG Session 1

    Just wondering if anyone has used these? The reviews are excellent but i want first hand feedback please Thanks in advance
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    Thinking of trying Zildjian 12" special recording hi hats

    As the title says... Has anyone tried these? Found a 2nd hand pair for €150 online and im very curious
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    Suggestions for Natal 13' Hand Hammered Chrome Snare

    Well fellow members, Picked up a beautiful 13x6 Natal Hand Hammered Snare today and I am looking for suggestions of what head to go for? So if anyone out there has used a Hand Hammered Snare before can you gimme ideas to what head i should be thinking of? I play in a rock covers band Thanks...
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    Natal Drums

    Well folks, Has anyone on here got much experience with Natal Drums? I am looking at this Snare in particular All opinions are appreciated
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    Mapex Black Panther Premium Snare

    Hi Guys, I found a 2nd Hand Black Panther Premium Snare for sale at a really cheap price.. But i've never played one.. Has anyone on here got one or played one? I could email you the pics i have as ive no way of uploading them on here.. Thanks in advance for all opinions
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    Skin for Birch Snare

    Well folks, Looking for recommendations for heads for my Birch Snare I play in a rock covers band so ill give any skin/head a go All suggestions appreciated
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    Drummer Gloves

    Well members, Does anyone here use the branded gloves? Ahead, Meinl? I tried the Vater gloves and they were a tight fit in XL Just wanted to know what size the XL is on the Ahead and Meinl?? And how do they fit etc.. Wanna get a pair but afraid they'll be too small Thanks in advance
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    Zildjian 17" El Sonido Crash/Ride

    Hi members, Just wondering if anyone has used this cymbal in a covers/rock band ?? I like it because its bright and would be something different against my HH 16' Medium Thin Crash All opinions are...
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    Sabian HH (Old Series with Bigger Logos)

    Hi guys, Have a chance to buy a 15' and 16' HH Crash Do they suit most styles? I play on a covers band Has anyone on here used these? Thanks in advance