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  1. ottog1979

    Interesting Gear Mounts

    1977 Pearl HH stand, 100% original including the clutch except for rubber washers in place of felts. Fourty six years of solid use and still kickin'! Not too heavy, not over-designed or over-braced.
  2. ottog1979

    Interesting Gear Mounts

    I started a sidetrack/partly hi-jack response to the recent LiveBPM thread ( and thought it might be a fun topic all it's own. So... My HH stand is like a Christmas tree of stuff, especially so in my...
  3. ottog1979

    Question for LiveBPM users

    Me too.
  4. ottog1979

    Question for LiveBPM users

    Never. Just let it run.
  5. ottog1979

    House kits

    Now & then I play house or back line kits. Generally, I enjoy it as it allows me to try out / listen to different drum brands/models and sometimes different cymbals. I've purchased various cymbals, heads & muffling due to my experience with house kits. That said, if I haven't played a...
  6. ottog1979

    Jeff was the Pocket Magician

    Ahead or behind isn't a global playing decision. Some songs sound better with a drive. Others with a relaxed hang back.
  7. ottog1979

    Quiet gigs but with a good feel - which 'stick'?

    Noticeably lighter than wood. Being bamboo they are more flexible than wood. Kind of spongy feeling. But you get used to it. I use them for anything needing really light volume but where I still want to use sticks.
  8. ottog1979

    Quiet gigs but with a good feel - which 'stick'?

    I use 5B Boso for this purpose and love them.
  9. ottog1979

    Switched back to trad for a minute...

    I think this is the main data here. The older I get (62 now), the more important warm up is for all activities I do. In addition to drumming, I'm a pretty active guy (weekly running, hiking, wake & snow boarding, mountain biking). I've had an issue lately in my right achilles. Not to an injury...
  10. ottog1979

    Slipknot “Parts Ways” with Drummer Jay Weinberg
  11. ottog1979

    Playing with a click: as or more important to play without

    Yup. This is the reason why I've stepped into using a click in the last few years. I've enjoyed gathering up yet another skill in my bag of tools. Prior to that I had never played in a band situation with one. I learned how to play drums before people used them with live bands.
  12. ottog1979

    DW 5000 Kick Pedal

    DW 5000 is the Fender Strat of bass drum pedals. Love mine.
  13. ottog1979

    Syncopated? Yes or no?

    Well... your screen name is Square after all. 😁
  14. ottog1979

    Playing with a click, the importance of subdivisions

    Thanks PPG. I run a similar set-up but with Tama Rhythm Watch. Just getting sick of the 2 choices of click sound.
  15. ottog1979

    Playing with a click, the importance of subdivisions

    I'm interested in exploring moving from click sound only to percussion. What do you guys use, software and hardware, for programming click? Looking for something easy to turn off/on at my discretion (for out-of-time breaks, retards, or when click just gets in the way, etc.).
  16. ottog1979

    In-Ear Monitor setup - Rolls PM50SE

    I use the Rolls PM50SE and LOVE it! Cheap, simple & gets everything done I need. For click, I plug my Tama Rhythm Watch into it and can adjust that volume separately from the monitor mix volume.
  17. ottog1979

    Practice vs talent

    Instead of either-or binary, how about a shot up the middle (third option)? Someone turned me on to this book which I'm halfway through now. It's excellent. Worth the $10. It answers the question why some improve very rapidly going on to reach great heights and...
  18. ottog1979

    A stupid tuning rant

    True for "standard leg mounts" with standard rubber cap feet. But, after dealing with suspended floor toms for a decade I decided I could no longer stand it and drilled to install leg brackets on the 14" and 16" toms on each of my two gigging sets. True to your statement, the standard legs I...
  19. ottog1979

    What if…rock guitars were replaced?

    You obviously haven't seen Trombone Shorty yet!