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  1. NackAttack

    Do you have a favourite kit?

    Love that finish!
  2. NackAttack

    Do you have a favourite kit?

    Oh yeah.
  3. NackAttack

    Hot takes on the current state of the GTA franchise

    This is the first thought that comes to my mind as well. It would also be cool if the inhabitants of the city had a degree of unpredictability and purpose. Maybe something involving the recent AI surge. And for whatever reason, I love mini games within games, so more of those.
  4. NackAttack

    Hot takes on the current state of the GTA franchise

    I‘ve been playing GTA since the original two on Playstation. I have loved all of them except 4. I thought it was a step up in graphics compared to San Andreas but a step down in most other areas. 5 is the masterpiece I was expecting after SA. I have a feeling, after 5, my expectations are going...
  5. NackAttack

    Cymbal Blasphemy

    Agreed. It is rare that I hear a Zildjian in store that I like. Every now and then I hear one that sounds amazing and it keeps my faith in them. My dad has some great sounding Zildjians. The inconsistency is a pro if you have the opportunity to try multiple cymbals out. The thrill of the hunt...
  6. NackAttack

    Cymbal Blasphemy

    I went to a shop to specifically try out the Sabian Anthology line. They were okay but I wasn’t impressed. Hit some Giant Beats (for the first time) and 🤯. I will be purchasing some in the future without a doubt.
  7. NackAttack

    $1000 vs $4000 kits..

    Same finish! Tama’s lacquer finishes are so well done. The only difference is that mine are Birch/Bubinga. Absolutely flawless out of the box. I believe mine were the first year of Starclassics made in China.
  8. NackAttack

    Chicago Drums

    Anyone else try to click the other thumbnails in his pic? 😂
  9. NackAttack

    $1000 vs $4000 kits..

    I can definitely attest to the Tama Starclassic B/B fitting the description you gave of your Renowns.
  10. NackAttack

    ...Gear crash is coming..

    I guess I won’t be talking about my local GC drum department then!
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    has anyone switched from matched grip to traditional grip after many years of playing?

    Trying trad grip is like trying to eat with chop sticks. It‘s a novel idea but I don’t see any benefit that outweighs the learning curve. Do I put the sticks in my fingers like I know what I’m doing every now and then? Sure, it’s fun. But I just like matched grip and big spoons/forks.
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    DW Direct Drive pedal

    Do you bury the beater? That can cause double triggering if the head (or other surface) is tight enough to get a little bounce when pushing down.
  13. NackAttack

    Wish list 2023!

    Believe it or not, it all started when I was sitting on the turlet. Sorry… forgot this was a drum forum… the "porcelain throne."
  14. NackAttack

    Wish list 2023!

    I accidentally bought myself an 8 pc Tama Superstar Classic kit. Not on the list, but no regerts.
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    Talk me out of Starclassic W/B

    Here‘s a pic of my B/B.
  16. NackAttack

    Talk me out of Starclassic W/B

    As the owner of 2 Starclassic kits, I’m not a good person to talk you out of it. I have a Molten Brown B/B and a Limited Finish MIJ Birch. The W/B and the Maple are identical other than wood. I like the sound of birch more, so for me it wouldn’t be worth the higher price on the maples. I have...
  17. NackAttack

    Endless pursuit. (opposite of non sexy purchases)

    My justification for buying Trick double pedals was that I used and abused my iron cobras for around 15 years. If I take care of the Tricks they might last me the rest of my life! I’ve also been a double pedal fanatic since day 1.
  18. NackAttack

    Your Opinions on The GOAT Guitarists in Rock and Roll!

    I don’t know about GOAT but Dimebag and Tom Morello were the ones I was in awe of during my teen years. GOAT has got to be Jimi IMO.
  19. NackAttack

    Saw the movie “Count me in”

    Nack wishes Forrest Gump would have taken up the drumset instead of ping pong. ”I just kept drumming” "and then one day, I beat this guy in a drum off. I don’t know why everyone was so impressed, he never even practiced." Buddy Gump Music Store… come on, it writes itself.
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    Drum Room Decor