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    bandmates *facepalm*

    In the part of the UK where I live the "norm" is two sets of 45 minutes each plus encore. In reality the band's I've been in have on the whole done 45 minutes followed by an hour. Either way that's around 2 dozen songs, way less than your list albeit maybe that's the norm where you live. One...
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    Drum Tech Jimmy Clark: — “I might as well be working for John Bonham or Keith Moon”

    The description he gives is "he's iconic". Irrespective of people's opinions on Lars' drumming I think to say he's iconic is absolutely fair.
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    The Only Covers I Want To Play Are....

    I've also re read the OPs subsequent posts, I differ in that my interest isn't in playing the drums or playing particular songs per se, my interest is in performing gigs. Drumming is a means to an end in that respect. Unlike the OP there's no way I could "drag" myself out of my house to play...
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    The Only Covers I Want To Play Are....

    I think that if you're playing for yourselves in a rehearsal space then play what makes you feel good. If you're getting paid by any type of venue then you should, IMO, play what will get the punters dancing, drinking and staying in that bar as opposed to going elsewhere. You've crossed a line...
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    Is Premier back?

    The dark sparkle is not so dissimilar to the early 90s Platinum Black as seen on the Projectors of the time, it's more eye popping and I wonder if it's an informed nod to the past or just coincidental.
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    Is Premier back?

    I'm not in the market for a kit, I'm a Premier aficionado so my eyes are fully open to what these new Premiers are and are not....but that pink Genista doesn't have scratch a near 40 year old itch created by Tama and their Cherry Rose Granstar!
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    Gretsch Catalina Maple: Opinions?

    Me again sounding like a cracked record. I've had two Catalina Club kits, so not the maple, a 20, 12, 14 and currently a 22, 12, 16. No I don't like the 18" bass drum depth of my current kit, yes the hardware isn't as well made as many others. However, that hardware isn't going to break unless...
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    How to tell Premier Genista Maple from Birch

    Yes, if it had been a full kit we'd have solved the question no problem. I also have a possibly false memory that the full kits also had white reso bass drum heads on the birch and black on the maple but I reserve the right to be totally wrong.
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    Are Signature Sticks for Hobbyists?

    I used to use the Vater Chad Smith stick, a slightly weightier 5b with an acorn tip. I have little knowledge of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers work but the stick suited me. I now use the discontinued Vic Firth Marky Ramone stick, it sits between a 5a and 5b and is slightly longer. I like the shaft...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    I saw these on Friday and bought them today, Monday. A pair of 80s possibly 90s vintage Meinl Raker 14" Medium Hi Hats. I don't need them, they're a totally unnecessary purchase, but if I hadn't bought them it would have played on my mind missing out on them as I've wanted some for years, plus...
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    Why Ignore Gretsch Catalina Catalina Kits?

    I've had a 12, 14, 20 Catalina Club in Marine Pearl which I sold when I bought a Mapex Saturn which I in turn sold when I bought my current kit, a Catalina Club 12, 16, 22 in White Chocolate lacquer. I know the downsides of the less than stellar hardware but it's good enough to do the job and...
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    Nicko McBrain Recovering from Stroke -- Rocking Wacken This Weekend

    When we say "simplified" I saw a few comparison videos and it was very close to splitting hairs, he's such a busy drummer that even the smallest number of ammended fills are noticed, let's hope he gets back to full health and plays as he always has. This does hit close to home, I'm struggling...
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    New PA trend in clubs?

    I've only been at one venue where what was supplied was different to what we were told and way below usable. Imo I'd rather supply everything or nothing, anything in between is too risky a grey area for my liking.
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    Vater Los Angeles 5A sticks

    It's amazing how everyone can have such different experiences. I generally buy half a dozen pairs of the Pro Mark LA Special sticks at a time and never had any major issues. I recently bought 10 pairs of the discontinued Vic Firth Marky Ramone sticks at a "too good to miss out" price thinking...
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    "Play everything" (soundcheck)

    As WuHan Solo says, HOW you're going to play it. I was always guilty of playing the kit and doing backing vocals mic check's sensibly in soundcheck. Then, always having been in loud Rock and Punk bands, playing and singing considerably louder than I did in soundcheck. It was initially quite...
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    Blaby Road Chrome

    I stand to be corrected but I think the APK/XPK lugs were the same as fitted to the Resonator, just fewer of them per shell to keep costs down. It kind of makes sense as an economy of scale measure instead of making a separate distinct item.
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    Blaby Road Chrome

    Yes the copper rings bells, there's a story about Keith Moon seeing the hardware on a factory visit part way through the process in its' copper phase and asked if they'd make him a set in the same finish.
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    Blaby Road Chrome

    I cut my finger on the flaking chrome of the shower plughole this morning when I was cleaning it. Just thought I'd put that out there.
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    Blaby Road Chrome

    This is all jumbled up, I'm not sure if Premier chromed the Rolls Royce front grilles, Rolls Royce chromed Premier equipment or a third party did both or a combination of all 3. My take away, played out to a patriotic backing track, is that whoever did it simply did it the best, most thorough...
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    Nicko McBrain's New New Kit Cymbals and Heads

    🤣 Yes it was his move to Code drumheads and he corrected what he'd said in the video about using 15" hi hats, he actually uses 14" hi hats.