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  1. Rock Salad

    Hi Hat bouncing and coming a part the faster I play.

    Or clutch has no locking nut maybe?
  2. Rock Salad

    Do you have a favourite kit?

    I like my mis matched kit so well I think even if I somehow traded it for something ten times the dollar value, I’d be sad and disappointed
  3. Rock Salad

    Ride and two crash set ups

    20” medium ride 15” thin crash 17” paper thin crash (optional) (14” medium hi hats)
  4. Rock Salad

    Anyone Else Find Cheap, Older Pedals Sometimes Better?

    Just picked up this Pearl. I really like that footboard and cam. I think they are same as my P-120. And people practically give these things away!
  5. Rock Salad

    Hi Hat Height: What's Your Preference?

    About enough space for a SM57 with cable to fit without being sloshed by the bottom cymbal
  6. Rock Salad

    House kits

    This week I’m going to replace the bass drum batter on the kit my buddy and I provide for a jam we host.
  7. Rock Salad

    Is your crash ride necessary?

    I’ll crash my ride when I want a huge crash. I have a thin 15” crash that I’ll smash/ride quarters or eighths on when it needs that smashing intensity, I could not take that kind of duration of volume that my ride would make playing that way.
  8. Rock Salad

    Percussively Thankful

    Every time I look at my drum set I am pleased and happy that people make these things and I was able to get my hands on a set. Imagine having to fabricate it all jeez that a lot of fiddley little bit and pieces that have evolved to be super efficient and pretty
  9. Rock Salad

    You sound the way you sound regardless of the PDP or the $8500 DW Exotic

    Then there are things that won’t come through on gear totally miss matched to the player. You’ll sound like you but in a funny costume and a wig, wearing clown shoes
  10. Rock Salad

    Latest single broke top 100 in iTunes

    You guys are on fire! Hitting on all cylinders. Please be sure to post a schedule when you do hit the road.
  11. Rock Salad

    Non-Self Muffled Bass Drum Heads-using a felt strip as muffling

    I read here that a mole skin patch for the beater will soften the attack. Give me a ported head and pillow though please. It’s just so darn easy
  12. Rock Salad

    Practice vs talent

    After all there is only the one side of the ratio that my will can affect
  13. Rock Salad

    Practice vs talent

    What are we, cursing fate now? Why hate on luck? Like it was said earlier, you have to be able to deliver
  14. Rock Salad

    Practice vs talent

    Chris has posted some covers from his studio that are serious business. I’m pretty sure we can look him up by name
  15. Rock Salad

    $1000 vs $4000 kits..

    If it’s mostly recording I think I would be patient and wait for something used from someone I know that is tried and true. The one time I did get to go play at a mid level pro studio they had a mid price Tama kit set up there. I think individual instruments often have bigger more important...
  16. Rock Salad

    Surprise Landing (neighbors think I'm loud)

    I have to disagree with those who found the anonymous note civil. Making a demand to a stranger without even identifying yourself or any possibility of discussion is not civil in my mind. I’d consider it more civil to cuss him out and insult him but sign your name and open a dialogue Just buy...
  17. Rock Salad

    Surprise Landing (neighbors think I'm loud)

    I'd try stopping maybe an hour earlier on Saturday night maybe. Other than that I'd probably ignore the anonymous letter claiming to speak for the entire neighborhood
  18. Rock Salad

    Is It Jan. 2, 2024 Yet?

    I’m such a bonehead these days. I didn’t even realize what you meant till you spelled it out. Like jda said though, let’s eat!
  19. Rock Salad

    Black dots vs Pinstripe sound

    One “Sounds Like a Drum” episode they put little shreds of tape around the edge under a batter. I tried it at home and I think it might be close to what you’re looking for. It is less dampening than a second Mylar ring around the edge - P3, but definitely some dampening